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11/4/2017 c3 5Orangebird124
Whoa, I can see that things are seriously about to get dramatic! (Fear: *nervously* Oh-no, not this again!) (Joy: Oh, come on, Fear! I've been waiting all week for this chapter to come up!) Uh, you guys do know that this story is updated weekly, right? (Anger: I already knew that!) (Sadness: I think I know that too.) (Disgust: Can we just get into reviewing this chapter? You're already starting to turn this review into a YouTube comment section.) I am not! (Disgust: Yeah, you are, OB.) (Joy: Can I join in?) You're already in, Joy. (Joy: Oh, wait, that's right.) (Sadness: *sighs* Why do you always have to start arguments with OB, Disgust?) (Disgust: *to Sadness* I don't always start arguments with OB, Sadness.) I actually knew that Sadness' skin was changing and the other Emotions noticed it! Riley didn't even say good morning to her language arts teacher, Ms. Janet and now this isn't the Sadness that I know after what happened! *gasps loudly* Sadness, you did not just do that to Anger and Disgust! (Sadness: *angrily* Disgust was pressuring me, so I just had to slap her!) (Disgust: Sadness, what in the crap is wrong with you? I just wanted you to take a break from using the console!) (Sadness: *growls, to Disgust* Don't make me slap you again!) (Anger: *furiously, to Sadness* And Sadness, what's the big idea of you kicking me in the crotch, huh?!) (Sadness: *shouting* YOU CALLED ME A DUMBASS!) (Anger: *yelling* YOU WERE HOGGING UP THE CONSOLE!) Oh-no, I didn't like how Riley was starting to get low grades all of a sudden and she got a 'D'! Not even the chat with Ms. Janet after that helped her and OMG, Headquarters is turning blue! Looks like depression is coming and Sadness is getting worse than I at least expect it! (Fear: *screaming* OH-NO, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!)

Holly, I really loved how you wrote this chapter and this is just perfect! We are like a team! (Joy: *cheering* Go, Team OB and HollyAnne1084!) (Fear: *shouting* I JUST WANT THIS NIGHTMARE TO BE OVER!) (Sadness: *to Fear* Fear, this is not a dream, this is real.) Now I can't wait for the fourth chapter, Holly! Keep up the excellent work!
11/4/2017 c3 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
0.0 SADNESS IS CAUSING RILEY DEPRESSION?! I'm sorry for yelling, it's just, wow...this is getting REALLY scary, now! What's with the blue mist affecting both Headquarters and the other Emotions? This chapter is so suspenseful! I understand about mistakes, I've made them by typing too fast, too. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully the other Emotions can help Sadness let Riley express how she feels about the lockdown and the shooting. Maybe Riley can talk to the school counselor. Also, why aren't the teachers getting into a discussion about the lockdown with the students?
11/4/2017 c3 CNBW
WHAT ON EARTH? SADNESS JUST- WHAT?! Oh my God this is pretty damn intense I'll admit but goodness! o_o
11/3/2017 c2 Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
Oh wow...Just wow...I'm really speechless over here on where to start. So, Sadness created a Personality Island out of a reaction to the lockdown and not only isn't acting herself because of it but is turning darker? Is it because of trauma? At least Joy is trying to be a good leader, however, things just got a whole lot harder. I only caught two spelling mistakes, that's a great improvement! Maybe if one of the other emotions could listen to Sadness and she could tell them what's going on, Riley can then express how she's feeling. I hope so, I'm really worried about this outcome.
10/31/2017 c2 8WriterofBliss
It’s getting pretty intense. I have goosebumps.
10/31/2017 c2 1Tripledent
Something's up with the console! Was it maybe Riley fighting her own emotions? Or something more technical! I felt bad for Joy, she would have felt even worse with the other emotions having a go at her in the wake of Sadness' departure. And that was a pretty silly comment from Jill though.
10/28/2017 c2 CNBW
Woah.. Sadness snapped. That's really interesting and intense at the same time! :O Also uh.. Sadness' skin is becoming darker? This actually has me a bit spooked. Very nice job with this chapter! :D
10/28/2017 c2 5Orangebird124
Yes! I've been waiting all week for the second chapter of "DITD" to come out and here it is! Me too and so far, I think we're doing a successful job! (Joy: Yay!) (Anger: *clears his throat* Hey, OB, how about we start reviewing on the story?) Alright, Anger, alright! That's exactly what I was going to do! (Disgust: Is your review gonna be long again?) Maybe it will, maybe it won't. It will. (Disgust: *face palms herself and mutters* Oh, great.) Wow, that lockdown really did scare a lot of kids and Riley. Even Cheryl Wright the news reporter came by and she interviewed Riley! It was amazing to see Riley being interviewed and I was able to read Cheryl Wright's lines in Natalia Livingston's voice. (Sadness: If you do not know who Natalia Livingston is, she's an actress.) Whoa, what the heck? Sadness was still starring at the Thursday the 16th Island and missed out on the interview! (Fear: *nervously* She what?! Oh-no, this is bad! This is really bad! This lockdown definitely put Riley in a bad mood, according to Jill!) I couldn't believe that Riley was unhappy during the interview and Joy didn't even do anything! Oh-no, Sadness isn't her melancholy self anymore! She's fallen into a depression! (Sadness: *starts bawling* I'm entering a sadness spiral!) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes in annoyance* Oh my Lord, not this again.) Disgust! (Disgust: What?) I felt bad for Joy after the Emotions left her and when she found Sadness crying on her bed. (Sadness: *still crying* This is such a very sad story!) (Joy: *sadly* Now this is what I call a tear-jerking chapter.) At least Joy was able to apologize to Sadness, but now we have another problem. (Anger: Oh-no, what is it?) Sadness' skin is starting to change! (Fear: *screaming* This is absolutely nuts! We have to save her before it's too late!) (Joy: *trying to remain calm* Don't worry, guys. I'm sure the depression will go away and Sadness will be back to normal soon.) (Disgust: *sarcastically* Oh, yeah, sure. That'll take months to find the silver lining.) (Sadness: *sobbing uncontrollably to Anger* Anger, can you hold me?) (*Anger holds Sadness tightly but gently*) Well, I can tell that things are really about to get crazy in the next chapter and you are doing an awesome job with this and I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work and don't give up! :)
10/28/2017 c2 18Svinorita
The suspense is really beginning to ramp up now! I can understand that Riley would still be feeling a little shaken up after the lockdown, I mean that trauma is still very fresh! Wouldn't anybody feel the same after going through something like that?!
I can't believe that Jill was so concerned about Riley appearing cheerful on that interview...seriously Jill?! You're a smart lady and you should really know better! Given that response I'm not surprised that Riley snapped at her mother the way she did...the poor girl needs some compassion from her mom right now, not being criticized because she appeared disinterested on TV!
It seems that Sadness is taking the whole ordeal harder than anybody else...poor little Teardrop :(
I can't help feeling that the creation of Thursday the 16th Island has somehow changed something inside her...now she won't accept any help from the other Emotions and she's acting hostile towards them! She sounds even more furious than Anger and that even left me shocked! Sadness yelling at Anger?! I never thought I'd see that...
I feel really bad for Joy too when she failed to comfort Sadness and now the others feel disappointed in her as well :(
I'm really curious to see how Sadness' skin turning darker will have an impact on her not just physically, but emotionally as well...could it be linked to the new Island somehow? And if Sadness does end up being changed, how will it affect Riley and the other Emotions if she's no longer her usual gentle and empathetic self? I guess only time will tell!
You have done an amazing job on this chapter HollyAnne1084 and Orangebird124! Your collab is turning into a fantastic story and you are both doing awesome :)

10/28/2017 c2 31iHateFridays
Uh oh, something's happening to Sadness. I think she's becoming... more evil. And poor Riley :( Oh, and no problem! It still is pretty good!

10/28/2017 c2 6Karebear49
What's happening to Sadness? Hollyanne, you better not hurt my emotional cinnamon roll :)
10/23/2017 c1 1Tripledent
I definitely want to know what effect thursday the 16th island will have on Riley's personality. I'm looking forward to seeing where your latest collaboration goes! It's good that Riley and the rest of the classroom didn't seem to be involved in the majority of the incident, but different things can have different effects on different people...
10/22/2017 c1 31iHateFridays
Finally I'm here! Sorry for being late :/ Anyway! This looks interesting so far. Poor Riley - I have feeling she's going to suffer PTSD (hue hue) and all that. And, by the title and the A/N, Sadness will be involved as well. Nice job so far! You and OB.

10/22/2017 c1 CNBW
That's an excellent start! I also love how something as little as Joy's touch can calm Fear down haha.
10/22/2017 c1 8WriterofBliss
This was pretty well done. Really makes one feel. Great job.
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