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11/14 c9 acowles02
You know its kinda insane yhat three devil fruits ended up on one island
10/25 c40 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
10/23 c40 6deacon94
You my friend are an absolute artist this is amazing
10/21 c2 2Dscot
What was the whole point of the disguise, if he was going to show it to the first person that he ran across? he has no reason to trust either one of these people, and yet he announced to them a secret, he wishes to keep while bounty hunts.
10/21 c29 15Primordial Vortex
Was rereading this and just wanted to let you know: you got Brook's fruit wrong. Not sure if you ever go back and make corrections to stuff like that. You gave him big mom's fruit. LOL
10/21 c40 SirLaze
10/20 c40 Darthme1011
so good want more soon
10/11 c40 ZonZus
I’ll be honest man, I think you screwed up when you killed Kuma. The latest chapters of One Piece, kind of showed a lot of Info on Kuma. While I think the story is good, Killing Kuma was a pretty big Scar on this story.
10/10 c40 2Marinebrat25

Cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait! That said in the anime; if I remember correctly, the arc comprised of mostly flashbacks for senior/older generation characters and VIP characters (i.e. Whitebeard, Garp, Ace, etc.) and heroic mini battles/brawls. And realistically they would be brawls at the end because, let's face it, the body/mind/spirit can only endure so much and then instinct takes over.

Yes you mentioned at the end oh wise Author-sensei that both sides have tricks, tactics, and various tools/weapons at their disposal I wonder if it will still end like canon. As much as I want Ace and Whitebeard to live I somehow foresee Ace still dying in Luffy/Ranma's arms and Whitebeards death still passing on the torch while creating the power shift dynamic.

But with Garp having done what he did early and no longer "labeled" as "Hero of the Marines", perhaps the dam finally breaks open and the schism takes place here where Marines must now TRULY pick sides. I admit I am a fan of Aokiji as far as looks mannerism and power, but in this story I am concerned as to how he will play out or what kind of role he will play in the grand scheme of things.

Which brings me to another point. This story is perhaps one of my top favorites on fanfiction. And yes life goes on, things happen and certain things are unavoidable. But I worry for you Author-sensei like many others who write excellent amazing stories of imagination and suddenly disappear from the site because of reasons.

In the end this story; which can basically turn into an epic based on the anime alone with over a 1000 episodes, has kept me going despite all the boring insignificant stuff of everyday life and I thank you. Truly.(Deep bow of respect.)

Many thanks for the chapter and hope you continue.
10/6 c40 Guest
I am absolutely looking forward to the next chapter!
10/6 c3 oneoddtodd
I have a silly question but why is it that he can use haki now but later on in the story he has trouble with certain parts of it...
10/5 c40 Bashleyz
Good. I wait the next.
10/4 c40 1The Nine Tailed Uzumaki
10/2 c40 Guest
and so shit is getting real, glad the climax is starting since the build up whilst interesting and somewhat amusing in hindsight was getting a little old. nice verbal smackdown from vivi, you go girl
10/2 c40 Guest
Great chapter!
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