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for Voyages through the Stars

11/3/2018 c3 scorpin17
love it thanks for the fic
8/6/2018 c3 Frankenstein's Waifu
This chapter was so good, I had to play the slower version of the TNG theme when Akeno and Kaburagi were entering the Starfleet Headquarters.
I cried so hard ;-;
and could I make a suggestion?
If yes, could you make Mashiro a half Vulcan?
Maybe Mashiro would be a half Vulcan with a mother who is trying to teach her the values of emotion, but Mashiro is doing her best to suppress her emotions so that she could become a proper Vulcan like her deceased father wanted her to be. Could you be able to do that? If you do, Thank you!
7/7/2018 c3 jeanymarie99
Since this Fic is a crossover of Game and Anime, there is need or no need of Universal Translator Device for Japanese to English? Since English dub is not my type on Anime.
1/17/2018 c1 DDoubleX
Its a very good story. keep up with the good work!
But just asking. Did you turn Captain Akeno into a klingon?
10/22/2017 c1 6aGuestfromGreece45
A really strong start, I must say. I wonder if Operation:Ragnarok will either succeed or fail.

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