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11/16 c26 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
9/8 c26 1Leth-chruinne
Hey there thank you for your story! I see that it's going very well. I appreciate your effort a lot and will continue following your story. Sevitus/Severitus is an amazing theme for fanfics. Carry on - I look forward to the future chapters!
8/28 c5 AiymaSnikies
OK that was just cruel I seriously thought the end was in sight glad it was just a dream
8/27 c26 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Sorry, dude, but I always listened to my boys *first* especially my oldest. When he came home telling me that his teacher had *refused* to allow him to go to the office to take his afternoon ADHD dose because according to her "ADHD is a myth! It's just *laziness* with a fancy name!" She made my son's life hell after he was diagnosed! It turned out it was a school-wide ideology!

According to them, a child could *not* be ADHD AND Gifted even though my son's IQ (159) and his standardized tests (WISC, etc.) contradicted that mindset AND showed him at 10th-grade level for math and social studies, but at college graduate level in reading and spelling! He was just entering SIXTH GRADE! They *literally* threw the testing file away *in front of me*!

I soon moved him to another school in the county where he thrived! The bizarre thing was when the new school asked for his records the District Offices only sent a torn-off 1/2 "mini-legal" note that said, "R**** C**** requires *no* special services or accommodations!"

What kicked everything off was me requesting that my son be given a sheet that he needed to note down his homework every day, that the teacher had to verify by signing, and that *I* would verify that he completed it by signing! That's it and it set off a firestorm and illegal behavior on their part!

My son's word about how he was treated by his teacher was taken very seriously by me. He might deny he had homework, but he otherwise *wasn't* a liar nor did he exaggerate!

I'm very disappointed in Sev, but this behavior is *exactly* what Harry's used to with the Dursleys!

Please, hurry back with the next chapter? I don't know your update schedule, so I hope it's soon!
Btw, if you got my comments over on P&S on this and "BFDL" you need to know that the "Replies" to comment mechanism is broken somehow, so if you do want to reply to those you can do it through here.

Thanks so much!
8/27 c25 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
How wonderful! I somehow knew that Ollie was going to turn out to be important! I also loved that Ollie's reaction to Harry's shirt put paid to all the nasty comments and looks by the townsfolk when Eileen bought it for him! I was kind of afraid that the town was going to turn out to be rather "parochial" -insular and closed-minded- (I'm disappointed that thesaurus dot com has *chosen* to add "Christian" and "Conservative" to their list of synonyms for parochial; I'm a Christian Conservative and I'm anything but 'closed-minded'! I've been a Fantasy & Sci-Fi biblioholic my entire life and never felt a conflict and now *they're* going to start looking down their noses at us? Please!) and end up giving Harry a hard time. I'm so glad that that's *not* where you've chosen to take this! ;)

One more ott Kudo and I'll stop embarrassing you ;D: I *love* *smart* Severus! You have him using the brains that *should* have been emphasized and showcased in canon! One doesn't become "the youngest Potions Master in centuries" by being DUMB, blind, and churlish! In order to *invent* new potions and improve others *LOGIC*, *critical thinking*, and *common sense* would *have* to be involved! Not to mention that to be a *successful* spy ATTENTION TO DETAIL is a prerequisite! As is staying "calm under fire"; canon Snape is anything BUT!

SS is THE most poorly written character in canon (next to Harry, the *abused* & neglected orphan who between leaving Durskaban and arriving at Hogwarts has a complete *personality transplant*! What Rowling (or the ghostwriters at Bloomsbury) says is that "abused child syndrome" *doesn't* exist, isn't cause for alarm, and can be "hand-waved" away! Pffftttt!): His backstory does *not* match his adult characterization, psychologically and he exhibits *none* of the hallmarks of a *good* spy nor a *great* "Potions Master". Not to mention the behavior as Dumblef***'s *leashed* "attack dog"! Pathetic!

I'm a *huge* Severus fan when he's done *right*; which you're doing!

Okay, I'm done! ;D
Thank you for your replies; I know I "overwrite" but the story is well worth *my* time as you've put in yours!

See ya!
8/27 c24 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
What a great story! Is that an actual "Fairy Tale"/myth/folktale or did you make that up for the story? It's a wonderful "tale" and if you did write it whole cloth, you should be extremely proud!

What original ideas for the story: The Guardian Angel Bond and the "Stone Fairy". Delightful!

Only one other modern-day writer that I'm aware of is writing "fairy tales" for adults that are this good: Orson Scott Card. Don't believe me? Read "Enchantment". It's amazing. Of course, I'm prejudiced: He's my favorite present-day writer! He ranks up there with my other favs: Tolkien, McCaffrey, Spider Robinson, LeGuin, Barry B. Longyear, Piers Anthony (Xanth & Apprentice Adept series), and many, many more. Rowling is nowhere on that list; that's why I read HPff!

I hate to say it, but I really think with writing this good, you should be writing for a living! Truly remarkable!

Thank you!
8/27 c23 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Aww, and I *loved* reading this chapter! Wonderful!

I didn't comment last chapter cuz I was too anxious to read on, but GOOD FOR SEV! Tell that MOB where to stick his job!

I know, that's not necessarily a very popular viewpoint but I seldom read -and even rarely *believe*- "good Dumbledore" stories (and anyone who does believe that the canon "Gandalf" knock-off *was* a "good" guy, I want to meet with and offer them an incredible *deal* on a "gently used" bridge in Brooklyn!), so anytime Sev gets to tell the whiskered wanker where to get off, I'm gonna CHEER! *\o/*

Terrific chapter! I'm ever so glad that Shandy was able to show lil' Harry that not all dogs are horrible! AND thank YOU for not letting the red-haired "heroes" die!

Movin' on!
Thank you!
8/27 c21 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
My mother and I finally reconciled and actually became best friends in the last years of her life. It came about when she saw -by her own admission- that I was a better parent than she'd been to me.

Thinking on it, I don't think she'd ever seen or seen modeled what *good* parenting was. She was a "late" child; her brother was 18 and her sister was 17 when she came along. She was spoiled and "made much of" (I've seen pictures: Her dressed up like "Shirley Temple" with her hair in long curls. There's one where she's dressed in a short satin dress and *dirty* white patent-leather "Mary Janes" holding the fin of a *giant* [5-1/2 foot!] carp that my papaw caught when he took her fishing! She was 6 at the time.). Her mother, my grandmother, died when she was 7 and her dad, my beloved Papaw, was a "flibberty gibbet", so she was left to raise herself pretty much until she was 9 or so, when Papaw came home with a lady that he *said* was going to be their new live-in "maid". Mom said she told the "maid" to "hang up my coat". It wasn't the last time that she got back-handed and "thrashed". "Sadie" lived with them for 3 years.

Papaw moved them to Colorado to "silver mine" when mom was 12 or 13 and he met *my* Mamaw, Lucille. They married when mom was 14, but by then mom was willful and wild. Her finding the Nazarene church probably saved her life.

*I* didn't know what *good* parenting looked like either! All I knew was that if or when I had kids that they weren't going to be raised like I was; they weren't going to be spoiled but they would *know* that they were loved and wanted -something I *never* had growing up. So, maybe I didn't see it modeled, but I could read and do research to *find out* what might make a good parent: I read *everything* but mostly I just *loved* my boys. I got down and played with them and listened to them, sang to them, and kissed their boo-boos; applauded their successes, and commiserated with their fails. I also punished them when they were naughty and hugged and forgave them when it was done.

I wasn't perfect: It wasn't until my oldest was 11 that I read an article that finally told me that what was "wrong" with my son (and me!) wasn't "laziness" (I never used that word!) or an unwillingness to learn (anything BUT!): It was ADHD and it was just as frustrating and depressing to him as it was for me AND as it had been TO ME *my whole life*!

He still suffers from the effects of not being diagnosed earlier (it was still relatively unknown in 1993!) and now it's not "popular", so we're still dismissed! And because of some morons using the medications as "recreational", it's become nearly impossible to find someone to prescribe the meds who doesn't want a "war pension" just to get a refill Rx written! So, we flounder along, unmedicated.

Sorry, I got off track! ;p

I'm so glad that my mom and I got to be friends; I had to learn to forgive her but *she* had to learn to *ask* for forgiveness. If she'd never seen me with my happy healthy boys...

One time -pre-diagnosis- my oldest came home with another zero for not turning in his homework (we were temporarily staying with my mom, but pre-reconciliation), and my mom -gleefully and nastily- said, "Congratulations, you got a kid *just like you*!" I turned to her and said, "You know what? If *he's* 'just like me', then I say *you* missed out on a pretty amazing kid!"

It shut her up and I guess it made her think, cuz it wasn't long after that that she apologized and we started *talking* instead of arguing!

It was the beginning of "enlightenment" and forgiveness.

Thanks for the great chapter!
8/27 c20 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Break my heart!

This and your other story, "Barely Functioning, Deeply Loved" are beautifully written, but they're each stirring up tough, complex situations from my past; situations beyond my control, and decisions that were "damned if you do, damned if you don't".

The beyond my control issue caused a situation quite similar to Sev with Eileen and a son who can't quite seem to understand that the events that separated us were precipitated by the lies and manipulations of his own father. Even after over 20 years -without the long absence like Eileen- he still throws it in my face like it was *my* fault.

By the time he was 13, his father was "tired of parenthood" -after six years- and he sent him to me while he left for a job in another state. It wasn't good: His dad had no rules; I did, but "A" wasn't used to abiding by them except for weekend visits. I'd remarried (his father had remarried to get custody and then actually *dumped* the poor lady after he'd won.) and worked full-time; there was no "adjustment period" and we couldn't afford counseling.

I'm anxious to see if your characters handle these situations any better than I did and that Harry & Sev get *their* HEA.

Thank you for sharing!
8/14 c6 38loveislouder94
Young Harry is so adorable! And I enjoyed the explanation of how Harry appeared to Snape as an ancient bonding magic. Keep up the good work
8/14 c1 loveislouder94
Oooh, a fascinating beginning! I've always been curious about the possibilities, given that Snape and Harry had such a similar upbringing and I look forward to seeing where you go with this :)
8/13 c13 Fashionista-girl
remember this book from either 5th/6th grade
8/12 c26 Dixie.f.9
Severus for a smart man I would think you would know Harry mention a squib.
8/12 c26 JeanetteRachaelT
Harry knows what a pensive is and how it works, why doesn’t he just ask snape to look at his memory of the sub teacher being an a-hole?
8/10 c26 yochan123
Damn it Snape use legilimency you shit
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