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for My Little Runaway

4/3 c35 9fanclaire
I hope the camp goes well. Will Harry get in trouble with his friends?
4/2 c35 99mandancie
I'm so intrigued to see where you are taking us now. What does this fairy with Severus and the creature breaking into Harry's cabin mean?
I did love the Easter egg with the bird, Professor. "Turn to page three-hundred and ninety-four."
I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapter. Please update as soon as you can. :)
4/2 c35 12Finwitch1
Interesting about the chest pain on both of them - plus whatever is wrong with the fairy. Maybe they need to build a house for the fairy and give her some nectar or something? I like that Severus got a new job as a brewer - I think he's far better suited for that than teaching.
4/1 c35 1SusanMarieS
thank you for the update.
4/1 c35 wandamarie
thank you for the update
3/31 c35 13excessivelyperky
I'm glad Harry is having such a good time, and sorry that Severus is having such a bad one.
3/31 c1 Spang
Well done thanks for posting glad there ‘s more to come
3/31 c1 Spang
Well done: thanks for sharing️ glad there is more to come
3/31 c35 James Birdsong
Great story.
3/31 c35 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
1/24 c34 Fan girl 39
Another update! Whoo hoo! Yes!
1/19 c34 wandamarie
nice job
1/14 c10 AniSlytherin
Don't worry sev I dont have privacy nether
1/13 c34 1SusanMarieS
this was amazing. so unique and original.
1/13 c34 3BeyondRubies
I have thoroughly enjoyed binge reading this story, the last few days! it is such an interesting and unique take on seas as Harry’s father. I’ve enjoyed seeing the development of both separates and Harry. The inclusion of Eileen and her husband has been wonderful as well. I look forward to seeing how you further develop the story. I truly hope that you can save the sweet fairy!
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