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for Down the Bloodline 2

3/17/2018 c13 Guest
In The Next One Don't Make Jack So Dam Cocky It Is Annoying Pulse No One Isn't That Invincible And The Next Villain Needs To Be More Dangerous ,Deadlier ,Brutal ,Stronger ,Smarter , More Attitude. So Far Venin Jack And Edith's Father Was The Best Villain In The Series. Keep Up The Good Work
3/15/2018 c13 Guest
Someday Jack's Pride,Cocky,Conceited,Im So Strong And Great Attitude Is Going To Get Himself
Killed He Ain't No Superman I Really Hope In The Third One Jack Finally Meet His Match Maybe Maker
3/15/2018 c5 Guest
Jack Is To Cockey He Ain't No God Dam Superman
3/14/2018 c2 Guest
Edith Got Her Butt Kick By A 6 Year Old In A Fighting Video Game That's Sad
3/10/2018 c11 Guest
That was deep and cold Venin
3/10/2018 c13 Guest
please make one more please for the love of god
3/10/2018 c11 Guest
I am literally Crying right now poor jacky boy
3/9/2018 c1 Guest
Jack is steroids big time
3/9/2018 c13 Guest
That's it Edith didn't at least say sorry to poor old Charlie that's sad
3/2/2018 c1 Guest
I Think Jack Is On Steroids
3/2/2018 c13 Guest
Yes Please Do A Third One For The Love God!
2/22/2018 c13 233gunman
That was Awesome.
Good way to end the story.
Write on.
12/25/2017 c12 Evillanatink
This is great so far. I love the story
12/5/2017 c11 15Shadow Ninja 287
wow. this got really dark!
12/2/2017 c1 Guest
This is so exciting! I love this story so much, I can't wait for another chapter!
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