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8/19 c16 Raniel
Hello dear writer of this mesmerizing story. You have done a great job! I love the fact, that Legolas is betrothed to a brave, kind and beautiful she- elf, who accepted and loved all his friends and cared for them. I am very curious about the spell books and in what way they can help to dispel Legolas ' suffering.
Have a nice time and stay safe. Bye.
8/7 c16 brankel1
8/6 c16 Nina
A great chapter aand also a sad one.
6/27 c15 Ennairual
still here and still enjoying it, again and again ! thank YOU to continue writing it !
4/26 c15 Guest
alol me again smiling anon wonderful amazing work doll than a million
4/26 c14 Guest
my haleigh doll it is smiling anon goods job i repeat great spectacular job wonderful doll thank you!
4/26 c5 Honoria Granger
You need a beta. Badly.
4/26 c4 Honoria Granger
The plural of tree is trees, not tree’s. Just saying. And you have both Avaleina and Avaleana. Make up your mind...
4/25 c15 Caihong02
4/25 c15 Nina
Great chapter!
4/25 c15 5Addy White
I couldn’t help it, i HAD to write a review because 89 was bugging me! I honestly love this story I just started it and I’m glad you literally just updated:) pls tell me that Legolas and Ava are going to actually get married soon . Honestly I find the whole ‘will you marry me even tho we’re already engaged’ thing really sweet. ;)
12/28/2019 c14 16MirkwoodmaidenAlso
Cheveron Chick!

I love this story! After 14 chapters I eagerly await more. The Mirkwood you create is so wonderfully real. It has the feel of having depth, history and beauty. The dancing in this chapter was a joy to read. In an earlier chapter you write Ava being trained as a dancer and a very good one but sadly she stopped dancing and had to become a warrior for her people and to fight the evil in Mirkwood and Middle Earth. A life changed by necessity. I love that you allow Thranduil to banter with close friends. Wonderful. You capture a sense of real joy and merriment within the Wood Elves.

More please.

12/26/2019 c6 MirkwoodmaidenAlso
Gimli showing that expected courage in confronting Thranduil was a wonderful scene. Thranduil's understated response was perfect. Again I can really see this scene between John Rhys-Davies' Gimli and Lee Pace's Thranduil in my head.

Legolas' pain of sea-longing is palpable.

Thank you!

12/26/2019 c5 MirkwoodmaidenAlso
Cheveron Chick!

I am really enjoying this story! Haven't commented on the last couple of chapters because I was so busy reading but I thought I would stop long enough right now to review. I thought you were going to react the barrel scene but in reverse but loved it when Thranduil unexpectantly showed up and Gimli thought that he wasn't long for this world. Wonderful. The differing shades of joy in the subjects of the woodland realm in seeing their prince again was a joy to read. The Reunion of father and son was well thought out. Legolas was suitably terrified and Thranduil was understandably upset but you could feel the love there. I could hear Lee Pace's wonderful Thranduil voicing your words.

Gimli's drawn out discomfiture is very entertaining!

The developing storyline of concern about Legolas' state is nicely developing. You are letting us see the joy of the reunion and then introducing slowly the real reason for the essential visit. Really enjoying this story. Back to reading.
12/24/2019 c2 MirkwoodmaidenAlso
The discussion of the forest healing is beautifully done. The image of the forest coming alive again is wonderful.
LOL! about sneaking Gimli in. So very true if 13 dwarves can sneak out, most assuredly one dwarf can sneak in.

Forgot to say in Chapter 1 The shouted discussion about Gandalf was a hoot! Mithrandir! the same Mithrandir that thought 4 hobbits, 2 men, a elf and a dwarf could defeat a dragon! Golden stuff!
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