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for No Shark Lived in Captivity

5/19/2019 c1 6Walis
Fantastic action-adventure read. The well-paced escape scene kept me invested throughout, and I was quite impressed by how much I learned about many of your secondary characters in just this short snippet. I will agree, I think a lot of insight into Sakura’s character seemed a bit lost in the action, but I feel like it was a perfect opening chapter for a more robust foray into both the captain and her newest finned friend. Great tribute to a short comic... I’m sure Yume was tickled!
11/27/2017 c1 6alxxman
Oh my lanta. I absolutely adored this and I really, really, really hope you continue.
11/2/2017 c1 Guest
I was so excited to see that you have new works! And this was a blast! I loved all the action and how well-oiled and well-organised Sakura's crew is. And Sakura being a *genius* Robin Hood of the seas was just too appealing to resist.
Poor Kakashi though, like you said, tragic. Hopefully the salmon and her company would be enough to satisfy him for now?
Would love to see a prequel or sequel to this! Anything really, but no pressure. C: and as always, thank you for sharing this with us!
10/29/2017 c1 Hika
For some reason I thought this fic was multi-chaptered was kinda sad that it wasnt (bc I was so ready to binge lmao goddamn sleepy eyes) but!

Mershark pining for his future mermaid wife by following her around the world sounds like a fun premise to any fanfic, and honestly, it would be nice to see more pleaseee (*-*)

Sakura’s character seems a bit more lax/care-free and it kinda shows when she got a bit dense over Kakashi’s infatuation, which is kinda cute!

I also like Naruto’s and Sakura’s relationship, it really rang true to YoukaiYume’s drawings (and some of tags I saw on the post to lmao) and with the inclusion of crew stepchild Sasuke, it was real fun to read.
10/29/2017 c1 3R09usan
Lmao! Sasuke as the crew’s pet or weird stepchild. That’s sort of adorable. I can see it. And I like it!

Haha mermaid wife was definitely lost in translation! I’m glad this fic is complete, I have something to binge on now!
10/24/2017 c1 mei
love the way this was written bless you
10/24/2017 c1 Prescripto13
I always liked the idea of Mershark!Kakashi. Your take on it made for an enjoyable read!
10/24/2017 c1 Guest
I'd be down for Mershark Kakashi and Mermaid Sakura

I'd picture Sasuke as a Meroctopus and Naruto as a Merdolphin.
10/24/2017 c1 Guest
mmm how fun an interesting! more!
10/24/2017 c1 1Jeshimashe
WOW! I loved it. I liked how Sakura had her own character variation as well as Kakashi and the others. It's cute and witty. I hope you add more daring adventures for them. I want to see how you will develop KakaSaku. Thanks for a taste of your story style author-san.
10/23/2017 c1 olly1107
OH MY GOSH. YAYAYAYAYYAYAY. I haven’t read the story yet, but I’m so happy that you’re back. I’ve been a fan of you since 2012 or something. I’m happy to see you again. I’ll probably re-review after reading the story, but thanks so much for coming back to the fandom. Will you change your name or not?

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