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for Remnant-27 (AU)

12/16/2017 c12 3Fyr RedNight
Damn... That latest chapter was really deep and full of emotions. Makes me sad to think of what could have been...

But nonetheless this story is honestly great, so far everything was thought out and the characters are nicely written. Gotta admit that I totally like what you've done with Jaune's character, his Semblance is awesome.

Still, that was great chapter and I'm interested to see how it'll evolve from there, I'll definitely watch out for the next chapters to come.
10/27/2017 c1 2KuletXCore
i saw that one of your fics was on /tg/.
do you browse /RWBYg/ on /coand /trash/ when on Hiatus)?

i think you would like it there.
And this fic may have potential.
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