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12/11/2023 c4 Guess
Challenge to write a Anne ang Gilbert themed story
2/19/2023 c2 1Andrea1984
Warum stirbt die Frau bzw. das Mädchen so jung ? Die armen Eltern. Warum ist die Mutter die zweite Frau des Vaters ? Die Stiefmutter oder die leibliche Mutter ?

Liebe Grüße

2/19/2023 c4 Andrea1984
Neun Monate ? Wohl eher nach sechs oder sieben Monaten, wenn ich richtig gerechnet habe.
Es ist Weihnachten und Fred jr. wird im Juni des kommenden Jahres geboren.

Liebe Grüße

2/19/2023 c3 Andrea1984
Ein trauriges, rührendes Kapitel. Joy ist erwachsen, Rilla schwanger etc. alle sind tot, erinnern sich an früher zurück. Was wohl aus Ingleside geworden ist ?

Liebe Grüße

12/30/2022 c4 42oz diva
Here we are back on the veranda. Your liminal spot whereon all things are possible. And here we have Diana and Fred. Her pregnant, him innocent of the fact. You paint a beautiful scene though I'd need more than a few blankets to sit outside for long on a Canadian Christmas morning.

I love how both sets of parents know what's up and Diana herself of course, but that Fred is still in the dark and fretting. It's lovely that she's chosen this sweetest of moments to share the news with him, for a perfect Christmas gift. His reaction was joyous too, I can hear that whoop across the valley.

A good idea not to include that last paragraph, this is not Anne & Gilbert's story. It's the story of the couple who rather got left behind. But it was lovely to read it regardless, so thank you for including it.
12/27/2022 c4 15MrsVonTrapp
Thank you for kicking off our Christmas Challenge so resoundingly and with such heart! It was delightful to read this sweet interlude between Diana and Fred - two of my favourite characters - and I love reading their interactions! It is gorgeous to peek inside this very special sharing of news and it is Hallmark-lovely without the schmaltz.

I am always impressed by the ingenious ways you keep to your veranda setting. I hope there will be further installments of your little franchise to enjoy!

Hoping you had a very happy Christmas x
12/22/2022 c4 Guest
Aw Fred Jr. must be on the way. In AotI he was born in June, sort of late for this Christmas reveal, so this fic is getting into multiverse territory but I guess the third chapter already proved that's what you've got going on, so why not? Loved the fretting about Gilbert and Anne at the end.
12/22/2022 c3 Guest
ShirleyCarl, eh? Two guys so alike they almost might as well be the same character. Really, Mr. Youngest-son-who-is-quiet-and-funny-and-brown-haired-and-into-science-stuff-and-reminds-his-father-of-a-dead-relative...ends up dating himself? Lol!
12/22/2022 c2 Guest
Thank you for another chapter showing a new side of the Blythes that feels like it fits perfectly with the books. Gilbert's patient interactions and his family's helpfulness with it is something we didn't get enough of in canon so this is good to see.
12/22/2022 c1 Guest
Perfect little chapter dealing with a question I often thought of (how would Gilbert do in the war) with a point I never considered (without Anne?) So many feelings in this tiny vignette!
12/22/2022 c4 19Alinya Alethia
What a delightful response to the challenge. I think you’ve done well. It’s sweet but not over the top. (I am oddly an expert at hallmark. In a network choice I cannot fathom, this is where Nancy Drew airs. I have to catch the last five hallmark minutes to watch the show!)

There are some lovely touches of whimsy, like parents still reproducing the deer hoof prints. That’s a lovely touch. As is the quiet recognition they’ve figured out Diana’s secret.

Fred makes a very sweet partner. LMM didn’t do much with him but here he’s concerned and affectionate and excited in a way that feels childlike but not unduly. It was the perfect way to end my Christmas shopping excursion.
12/18/2022 c4 Guest
So you are alluding to Fairy Tale Magic... Just to let you know, that's one of my favorites and if you are considering picking that back up I'd be so excited. Just putting that out there lol

Poor Diana and Fred, I just go right to the thought of Anne and Gilbert! I did enjoy the story and the "deleted scene" and I thought it was adorable. I love when the authors on here give more things from their side, I wish LMM showed interactions with them but she also didn't actually have a lot of interactions with Anne and Gilbert either! So we must all use out imaginations lol
12/18/2022 c4 DrinkThemIn
Just perfect, and genius to get some Fred and Diana!
12/18/2022 c4 62TinaLouise88
This is lovely, ever so lovely, when you said Diana I wasn't sure what sort of story it would be but you know me I do enjoy a good moment such as this!

I do enjoy how friend doesn't quite get the secret at first, but he's a first time father and a new husband, so we shall cut him some slack! Though I do understand Diana's wistfulness for her old homes, having moved a fair bit over the years, or just wanting one home when I was at the other.

I'm not sure if there was deer even then on the Island back then( there isn't now!), but I love seeing deer in wintertime with their bushy tails, prancing in the fields and in the snow. So I love that Diana enjoys watching that as well!

the deleted scene is wonderful! it's sad when a scenes don't work out as wanted and its like do I just scrap it, try and make it work, or just throw it in the off-takes file.
12/18/2022 c4 77kslchen
Fred and Diana! I didn't expect your Christmas story to focus on them, but what a delightful surprise this is! In canon, Diana is increasingly portrayed as dowdy and boring and her life choices as disappointing compared to Anne's college career, so it's really lovely to get this glimpse at her happiness and the loving relationship she shares with Fred. The tenderness between them is quite delightful, as is their shared joy at impending parenthood. Of course, the mothers put 2 and 2 together before, as mothers do, but it's just right that Diana got to tell Fred herself, like this, in a beautiful shared moment.

The little addendum is also a lot of fun. I'm glad you shared it with us because it's a lovely scene in its own right. I agree that it didn't quite fit with the story proper though, because it shifts focus away from Diana and Fred to Anne and Gilbert. Since the former two always sort of stand in the shadow of Avonlea's Golden Couple, I'm glad you gave them a story all their own first. I really liked the nod to *that* kiss in the deleted scene and smiled at their shared exasperation at Anne and Gilbert not getting their act together, but your choice to keep this as a special bonus scene to the romantic little story focusing on Diana and Fred was exactly the right one!
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