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10/25/2018 c3 TooTiredtoReadEnough
This was so clever, although I am sure I have not caught all the allusions (not sure if Anne developed a slight limp there from SoD...). I love the knowing asides, SkyCreator who has no qualms in maiming or killing characters, McFishieCreator who procrastinates, and the Great Creator who left some key characters unnamed.

I love the self-awareness that these characters have. That there may be some "creators" who take them in a different direction to the "great creator", or in a way that they do not see themselves (e.g. Anne not wanting to see any failings in herself as a mother)
10/24/2018 c3 NotMrsRachelLynde
This was so clever and creative! I was laughing throughout. I especially enjoyed Anne and Gilbert's exchange about his other wife and her bad parenting. Thank you for sharing, Creative Creator!
10/22/2018 c3 2Kim Blythe
McFishie creator, wow, this is such a nice invention ! As well as The Great Creator being Lucy Maud Montgomery !

Seeing as I haven't still read some of the stories (Don't worry girls, I will be reading them one day) you've mention at the end of this chapter, of them being some inspiration for this chapter, of course it all didn't make much sense to me, but, it still made for an interesting read, full of imagination, new intrigues, romances and a lot of alternate universes !
10/22/2018 c3 3AnneWithAnEStory
Read the reviews for chapter 3 before actually reading the chapter and OMG I got so pumped for it, everyone's making it sound so exciting!

K reading now.

Wow this is so creative I am so impressed! I never would have thought of something so clever

I just finished elizaskys within a Forest Dark so I was like OMG is Gilbert really going to have to be with Anne and Mary at the same time lololil

This was so neat! I was laughing too.
10/22/2018 c3 12MrsVonTrapp
And here I was thinking that verandahs were just good lately for hair cuts ;)

Where to begin with this sensational spectral offering?! It is such a fantastic idea that I am eternally envious it didn't occur to me and grovelingly grateful you felt I was fit to rub shoulders with such esteemed company. I adore anything that winks at this form and these universes we've spent so much time in, both reading and creating, and the idea of these omnipresent Creators pulling the various strings to suit themseles is really so inspired, both as homage and as delicious injoke. LMM, indeed the Great Creator herself, who is not spared your notice either would still I believe be perversely proud!

There is so much to enjoy here! I do love your appropriately mist-laden scene setting, and the characters popping up (or appearing as if of the mist, in every sense) in perhaps the incarnations on this site that they have become best known for... Poor Nurse Rilla, pregnant in perpetuity... Anne morphing from girl to woman, both in appearance and tone... though obviously that curly-haired one with the roguish smile and eyes to match would well prefer the slightly older version in his arms... Jem and Faith, eternally spritely and together... lovely wistful Una, still wistfully waiting... be still my heart it's Shirley and Carl, deliciously loved up and out of the shadows and no one had better have a problem with that... Susan popping in and out, conveniently... John and Mar, hilariously amorous, and poor Mrs no-name Blythe... and Nan, poor Nan, who has Di still but NOT JERRY which is my only quibble in this wonderful confection - we can all follow the happy Jerry universes too!

Oh, the tipped over tropes and subversions and sly winks... I can hardly handle them. They are glorious and laugh-out-loud funny. I adore your mostly petulant Anne - will no one remember her good mother moments?! Will no one believe her let-and-let-live attitude for Shirley, and, ah, that one he's seeing?! And the oh-so mournful lament, still, for Walter and Joy... And as for her jealousy of Gilbert's other wife... oh, please, I've read that section about twenty times... Meanwhile Gilbert is just adorably Gilbert, trying to explain his various loves and universes and Absoutely There Are No Favourites Here Anne in as measured and fair a tone as possible, whilst grinningly enjoying the attention all the same. He is all smile and twinkling eyes and hands around her waist and head thrown back in laughter. He is fabulous. You have captured him perfectly. He may not always have Excel Aunt's magic, but he is pretty great here x

I also love the spooky tropes you have still invoked - again back to Eliza's Shirley and Carl, who are mightily fabulous, right down to those arms first appearing and then the rest of Carl, before they find Shirley's waist. Just grinning so much at that! And your loving nudges at the whims of all the creators here - Shirley and Carl not AT ALL sure Sky-Creator will save even their Happiness, and they are her most precious darlings... and then the best bit of all - including YOURSELF as writer, you procrastinator you, which was just a wonderful bit of inspired business. Too many ideas never coming to pass? Oh, I hear you, sister x

As with all fics, the best ones employ a little of the salt with the sugar, that bitter tang amongst the loveliness, and you do that so beautifully here. Joy forever on the margins, the lost child of the House of Dreams, appropriately accompanied by her spirit guide, as it were, in Captain Jim. That hurt about as much as Jerry! And Walter, poor Walter, as evidence that there are some hurts even fanfic can't overcome (good luck there, Anne O'-Creator). And some wonderful truths about writing and its link to life - "It's their imagination that keeps us alive"; and my favourite "I wonder if they know."

Oh, McFishie-Creator. You've made my day. And my Halloween x
10/21/2018 c3 14elizasky
Where to start? This both lovely and clever – a wonderful combination of love letter and roast aimed at the characters and this community (and the “Great Creator” herself). I’ve read it three or four times and enjoyed it more each time through.

The setting starts off suitably creepy for a ghost story, with all that mist and the “betwixt” time. I love the self-aware joke about giving Green Gables a verandah to conform to the conceit of the story. So much winking.

In just one chapter, you have conjured up a delightful world with compelling logic – the flitting between universes, the mutability of age and appearance as long as some creator has imagined a particular character in a certain way. Anne popping over to Green Gables to see Marilla was really wonderful, not just because we got a little peek at oz diva’s world (and Marilla’s approval of it) but because it implied a vast constellation of nearby universes, all touching one another. The bit about Lost Walter was very sad, but I think that was important, recognizing that his death was something more than other fanfic Major Character Deaths.

Cut my heart out with that Jerry line, though. When I am done writing this, I am going to go write him a cake buffet in his lovely house in Charlottetown so that Nan can go visit him there and they can cuddle under his silly portrait.

How I love to see Shirley and Carl pop up in any universe. Wonderful joke about Shirley’s age. I love that he needled Anne by being unashamed to kiss Carl in front of her – whether she has a problem is her issue, not his. And Carl. Oh, Carl. No promises, baby.

Gilbert was excellent as well, teasing Anne about his other wives. He could indeed have done a great deal if he could have had his witch powers during the war. Hard to explain, but I think he’d find a way to help.

Now look, Anne. You have an international, multi-generational fandom. People make movies about you and dress up as you for Halloween and put on elementary school musicals with your name on the marquee. And they write hundreds of stories in which you are almost always dazzlingly clever, often angelically good, and even sometimes – shockingly - divinely beautiful. So go read those and pretend like you didn’t ignore Jims and Mary Vance and generally become rather conservative, conventional, and deferential in your middle age. In token of my good faith, I will make some of this up to you in my modern AU, but know that in my heart of hearts, I consider Glen Notes/Dispatches/Happiness to be canon-compatible, not AU. (Ooo, also, sorry about my own Halloween story – sleep tight!)

Now what will the next year bring? I think it will be the year of Joy! Kslchen’s already off to a fantastic start on The Joy Who Lived and I won’t promise anything definite (or soon) but she’ll live in my modern AU, too. I don’t know if that’s enough to bring her up from the misty shore, but let’s see if we can’t all do right by her. (It was a beautiful ending, by the way – sweet and sad and magical.)

Thank you so much for this story – it really did make my day!
10/21/2018 c3 38oz diva
Yay you did it. This is so delightful, I've been chuckling over it all night. One other thing I didn't expect, but adored was the scene setting, the hot day, but the mist creeping up over the town, creating a suitable atmosphere for some haunting.

I also loved the discussion that a veranda is required setting, if one doesn't exist, then you can create one, and our characters will approve. Which is nice, because on the whole they're not always happy about how we write them. Certainly the eponymous Anne has every right to be upset about her treatment especially by Sky-Creator who has killed her off and then made her out to be an unfeeling, unimaginative middle aged women.

Thank you for my little bit of Mar and the shout out to my own work. but it's all wonderful. Rilla being permanently 5 months pregnant (better than having permanent morning sickness or being 9 months gone at least), naming Rosamund, Carl and Shirley; and then finally Joy and Capt Jim looking on fondly.

I think next year you could have The Great Creator herself pondering about what we've done with her characters.

And happy birthday, Sky-Creator
10/21/2018 c3 74kslchen
Oh, this is just delightful in so many ways! Thanks so much for writing this. I was chuckling to myself the entire time - the cat thought me quite mad. (But then, what else is new?)

I love the details you pulled out of every story. John dragging his 'Mar' back to bed, Carl being all handys with Shirley, Gilbert and his various families in various universes, Anne as a perpetual teenager... And speaking of Anne, I can easily imagine she has some choice words for Eliza! ;)

There's also lots from the original books, so even the Great Creator doesn't escape your sharp gaze! There's Shirley only being able to appear periodically, of course, and Una living a life in the mist *and* Mrs Blythe having no name. (Trust Anne to christen her something ridiculous!)

I guess I am now responsible for Jerry's death in two stories, right? And for Rilla being stuck at five months pregnant, too. There's no reviving Jerry, but tell Rilla I do plan on her having that baby at some point ;). And tell Joy I'm working on making it possible for her to join the others next year, so that she can educate them on commercial air travel and computers and what else the 21st century holds! (I fully expected to be called the creator with the name no-one can pronounce properly, by the way.)

So, thank you for this really delightful little story. And please know that whenever the characters feels like convening once more on the verandah, I demand to be invited again! ;)
10/21/2018 c3 10Excel Aunt
I was trying to read this as fast as I could before church once I figured out where you were going with this, and I must say, you're delightfully clever! I wish I had thought of something of this nature for the Halloween prompt! I thought... well, I was so hoping for a reference to BaB in this and I cackled like a witch myself when I saw it!

Thank you so much for writing this gem! I really enjoyed how insightful you are, of course, Gilbert can slip in and out of worlds! And I think a lot of folks subscribe to elizasky's new canon of Shirley/Carl.

McFishie Creator, you need to extend that creative figure and shazam us more often.
10/21/2018 c3 elizasky

This is so funny. I will write more later - I am on my way to my own birthday party - but this is undoubtedly the best present. I will be smiling all day and people will think I'm just enjoying the party, but I will be laughing at Una appearing out of the mist and ALL the kissing.
10/21/2018 c3 AnneShirley
This is so good! Seriously, it's hilarious but sad all at once. I love the concept of the Blythes sitting down to discuss, in spirit, what we fanfic writers and readers are doing for and to them.

Gilbert teasing Anne about his other wife, Dr. Mary Parkman, was funny, and I loved the way Anne's at least coming to terms with elizasky's Shirley and Carl. The kissing scene was the best. Permanently pregnant Rilla (from Dark Clouds, I'm sure) was amusing, as was John Blythe coming in search of his 'Mar'. Though that last note, of Joy all alone with Captain Jim, was poignant.

A wonderful story, and I'm looking forward to more vignettes from the verandah.
10/21/2018 c3 Jxuan
Ahahaha. Nice, nice, nice...though I think Cate's works are worth a mention too!
That ending for Shirley and Carl, I won't have much hope for that lol.
I think I got most of them, except the one where Jerry died. Now which story did that happen?
10/21/2018 c3 4FishingForLakeTrout
I loved this! I was a little confused at first with Anne changing age, but then when you started dropping all the references to other fics I was like oh! Anyway, you incorporated everything really well here, and had me laughing most of this chapter, which I needed :) Keep up your lovely writing xx
9/20/2018 c2 3AnneWithAnEStory
I love the last line in your authors note.

awwwww oh wow I don't even know how to tell you how good this was. In my review to the first chapter, I mentioned specific lines I loved, but in this chapter I cant even do that because i would just be repeating every line.
this was so good. you wrote it so well. it was sad but it was also warm and comforting. ...i read this chapter and then i read it again four times in a row, not even kidding
9/20/2018 c1 AnneWithAnEStory
Aw, the son's letters being unsuitable for sharing just as much as the ones you used to write me..that was a really cute line!

I like also how she reminded him of his accomplishments- captain of the football team, etc. It is always a good thing to see couples build each other up and make each other know theyre proud of them.

Awww he only won the award because he was trying to stop thinking about anne omg so cute

Aww anne saying she would have come to her senses quicker if she'd had to think about losing him in a war...that was sad but sweet

I love the way this ended and I also love the line about "if they'd been young now instead of then" because it is interesting for them to think about their own younger days together comparing it to what the young people around them right now are doing. I liked this
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