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for Shading the black

4/28 c43 Eragon135790
loved the chapter.
4/26 c43 Neah
This story always gets me on my toes its so good! Cant wait for the next chapter!
3/30 c42 Kalax
Made the mistake in binge reading this a bit before I planned to go to bed, Whoops! Lol. But I'm really enjoying it, I love the portrayal of everyone, feels genuine and in character despite the changes it seems Eve has caused. I especially love Road and Eve, their scenes are my favourite. Maybe biased coz Road is my favourite character in D'grayman, but I think you write her so well and I eagerly soak up all her scenes. I look forward to reading more, and seeing where this goes, especially as we approach the start of the show it seems.
3/25 c42 Eragon135790
if i didnt know better i would say tykki already found out about mc having magic and thats the reason why she found the book on magic
3/3 c41 Eragon135790
love the ff.
3/3 c1 Eragon135790
since the discription says not directly getting her op powers i cant wait for when she gets them and love the ff so far. very unique(i havent read many d gray man ff because there seem to only be a few but still).
2/25 c41 1Aysa54
Not me laughing very hardly at Eve. What do you mean I’m crying from laughter?

Amazing job on this chapter! I loved it. Honesty Eve and Tyki are cute in any form of relationship. Gotta love them. I’m excited to see how the Noah’s react to Eve’s magic?
2/24 c40 Aysa54
I. Am very late in reading this. But amazing job on it! I absolutely loved the chapter. I’m excited to see what happens next
2/4 c40 EllaWaterfall2
Sheryl mimicking an ostrich! Earl's waaaay too long scarf for Eve! Earl taking pics of EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ALL DAY!
And my fav quotes from this chapter:
"Let's get back to the mansion or you'll catch death. And I promised it wouldn't happen... this time."

Eve falling into ice hole has three jobs, huh? I can understand 1) and 2) and they make sense, but I don't understand 3), I didn't smile when she fell O.O? She ain't dying again, right?
2/4 c39 EllaWaterfall2
I love how Eve tries to explain her traditions without giving too much but at the same time burying herself the more she opens her mouth XD
2/4 c38 EllaWaterfall2

Well this chapter is one HELL of a ride.
The way you described her getting sick and how her condition got worse and worse with time, how you wrote her thoughts and her perspective overall, it really makes me feel her. And the fact that I probably have a cold and was coughing all the time while reading it just adds that special effect, you know. XD

Did they turn her into an Akuma? Is that even possible? She didn't go back to 21st century, we can see that from the "Eve?" part at the end, but what happened to her then? / O \
2/4 c37 EllaWaterfall2
Oh no! Our little Eve is sick! Thank god it's not the COVID-19(or -20) XD
2/4 c36 EllaWaterfall2
I completely forgot about Eve's fear of fire. Road had a good idea and I bet Eve would've liked it in the end if there were no fire. I know I would enjoy it even WITH fire XP
2/4 c35 EllaWaterfall2
OMG TYKI WAS CRYING! I mean, I know Tyki wouldn't want to hurt Eve under any circumstances, but I didn't think he would be there when she wakes up or crying.

Yes, Eve indeed passed the "Did You See Anything Strange" test.

Oh my gosh, the way you described their hug in the end of this chapter makes me want a hug like that too. NORMALIZE PLATONIC TIGHT HUGS AND HOLDING HANDS AND KISSES (at least on the cheek or nose or forehead) TTTT
2/4 c34 EllaWaterfall2
Lucia Belle is Lulubell. I bet it's her. She's twins' older sister and under Duke's care too. I bet what's left of my soul that she's Lulubell.
But Eve just said that she saw her in her human form only once? Or she meant only once after the bal?

So Tyki is worried because Eve could've killed herself there and then and that's not the first time something like that happened and Tyki snapped because he's had enough of saving her ass everywhere she goes and she gets angry because yes, that might be true, but she has a lot of things to say to him on that topic so if he's sharing his thoughts about her, she might share her thoughts about him as well. He doesn't like that and worry turns into anger and Eve mentions Adam (aka. Duke Campbell) and Tyki snaps and BOOM his Noah comes to say hello. But the Noah's type of hello literally takes her breath away and she falls unconscious.
Am I right?
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