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7/31 c34 undefinedforever
Wow. That escalated quickly. I really enjoy this story.

Also, what's NLB?
7/27 c34 1AysaWolf
Oh you had fun ending this chapter here didn’t you... I’m so conflicted right now. I legit sat there, just blinking at the last paragraph before I just put my phone down for a minute. Amazing job on this, really! But fu*k cliffhangers.
7/25 c34 abciluvpie
Oh dearie, first off, worried about Koneko, second off, I am loving this.
6/25 c33 AysaWolf
Hmmmm. I’m wondering what kind of trouble with Tyki because there are a lot of different ones. Amazing job on the chapter, I loved it! I’m glad Eve is no longer running from the Earl because that was causing her a lot of stress and drawing attention to her.
5/26 c32 AysaWolf
I absolutely love every new chapter that comes out! Great job on this. I love her and Tyki’s interactions so much. I’m glad Eve is finally going to come to terms with the Earl but I’m also scared for her future.
5/21 c31 ita123
Great chapter
4/25 c31 AysaWolf
I absolutely loved the chapter! Great job on it. I’m wondering about that little comment where she couldn’t remember where she drove 9 hours to go... interesting. Also I relate because my college is 9 hours from my home.
4/25 c31 Loki
Loce thisssssss soooo muchhhhhhhh
3/25 c30 joshiro99
The mystery of Eve and her musical talents is killing me. What does it mean!? Is it to do with the Noah? Innocence? Her being a literal incarnation of Eve?!

Great story by the way, binged it last week and was surprised to see an update so soon after getting up to date.
3/25 c30 AysaWolf
Love the story! Great job on the chapter. I wish I knew how to read French so that I could read ahead, but sadly I do not. I can only imagine that being in the mansion is going to get more stressful with Lulubell there. Considering how sneaky she is.
2/25 c29 AysaWolf
I legit love this story so much! I was extremely excited to see that you updated, and the chapter was amazing
10/27/2019 c25 Atlas
Please hurry with the next these are awesome Atlas
9/10/2019 c1 NazgulBelserion
Dammit another female mc is D gray man one day I will find a good male SI to this series that isn't dumb slash where mc is Roads baby daddy even if I have to write it myself
7/18/2019 c21 Guest
Hello and thank you so much for both taking time to write, edit and translate this story! I love reading it and I think you've handled this story very creatively! Eve is lovely and your characterization! Your characterization is excellent! How you handle the balance between the Noah side and the characters own personal character is really inspiring :)
6/25/2019 c21 Guest
long awaited chapter. Thanks a lot!
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