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for Delinquent Dragon Emperor

5/8 c14 evilalejoplus
I have to admit that this story is one of the best I have read, it is long, it develops well and also Issei's personality is very good. Good work author, keep it up !
5/3 c14 Guest
This madman hasn't updated in like 10 months and now he changed the picture.

5/1 c14 7D3vilB4sket
Hope you come back soon. This is one of my favorite stories
5/1 c14 YMCM
I hope this amazing story isn't abandoned. That would be heartbreaking.
4/28 c14 Lechuzape
pls come back!
4/25 c14 1batmanuchiha
look forward to a update
4/23 c14 Matt
Begging you not to drop this. This is one of my favorite fanfics to read. I think I’ve reread it like 4 times the whole way through and I just love all the character interactions. Here’s hoping we see a chapter 15 soon.
4/22 c12 Rudra
So much disrespect to the Hindu Gods... Enma/Yama should be faaaar stronger than the Likes of Hades, Anubis, Osiris or Hel...
4/21 c5 Guest
Lmao im literally laughing at the interactions. I can't imagine what issei's will be the moment ophis finds out he's the red dragon emperor. Probably gonna keep on bugging him to join her.
4/17 c2 Guest
One of the worst things I've ever read. And that bar is low.
4/17 c1 Guest
I'm pretty sure this is written by a 13 year old, it's so childish.
4/11 c14 Raphaelgo
Oh you changed the picture for the fanfic, are you planning on updating? seeing as how you changed the pic means you didn't forget about this fanfic and heres hoping for an update.
4/11 c1 Guest
bro this is amazing I like this very much keep up the good work
4/8 c14 hunterlife
update pls
4/5 c14 robertpoker
awesume update soon best one yet
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