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for Delinquent Dragon Emperor

5/3 c14 Guest
How ofetn do u upload
4/29 c13 DeltaWolf2038
nice refrence, Another!
4/29 c1 dbzking939
Homie please come back and continue this please
4/19 c13 1Tatsumi Partas
i tought more about that story here.

i hope Issei have a real dragon form and becomes the 3 dragon god.

furthermore i would like to have Gabriel in the harem (of course solution about sexual stuff etc would be needed)...it would be kinda funny.

i mean...think about their children..

issei x Tiamat, Ophis, Vali, Raynare, Rias, Akeno (maybe Gabriel)...

that would be the most interesting ones to have children with Issei.

i kinda hope for a main harem mate.. like Ophis? i mean she would be the strongest one in the harem aside Issei later on..i even would like when Ophis and Tiamat mark him with a bite mark and some tattoo...i mean afterall when Issei is a dragon god he is immortal i think and Ophis is his eternal lover.

and i love the relationship between Issei and Great Red...and it goes even better since the way goes more in the route of father and child.
4/17 c14 Tatsumi Partas
eell..i love the story especially who is in his harem later on.

but sadly this fic doesnt get continiued...i would hope the author comes back.. i really would love more about this story.
4/9 c1 Equivocalxx
I hate you. You Start a wonderful story full of promise, then you just ghost on us...

Regardless, I thank you for what you have given us. I hope you are doing well and that you succeed at whatever you strive to achieve in life.
4/8 c14 teenagenered
hi are you going to continue this story
4/3 c14 Guest
Have you abandoned this if not update soon
3/30 c14 Shortmike24
god damn it. 14 fucking chapters and still no big reveal FUCK!
3/27 c1 Reflex
Can you do the next part?
3/24 c12 majikss
it's hilarious you shit on percy jackson while your a
only a fanfiction writer
3/18 c14 Juan3s
bro, do you stil alive. b,cause im stil waitinf for the chapter 15 of this super fanfiction. please come back.
3/14 c14 Guest
loved this story a while back came back to reread it and i was not disappointed. hope it gets updated soon can't wait to read what happens
3/9 c14 genesisgodz
3/8 c14 1Gresleg
I loved your story and I hope you get inspiration to write and post more.
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