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4/23/2019 c24 9GliderPilot
Hey, is there going to be any more of this? I like the way you write!
4/22/2019 c14 GliderPilot
Nice take on Loki finally getting captured. We only get an abridged version in the Avengers, and nothing in between Loki trying to de-floor himself and Thor and Loki returning to Asgard. So it's nice to see a little connective material.
4/22/2019 c7 GliderPilot
Nice wrap-up of Thor 1. That part with Sif was kind of heartbreaking. She's trying to comfort Thor, but he's still holding on to whatever bond he and Loki once had.

In my movie-watching experience, the part where Thor says there will never be a better father than Odin is difficult to comprehend. After what happened with Loki, Thor honestly wants to praise him? Then it hit me. Loki never got enough praise from his family (except perhaps Frigga). So Thor is trying to avoid making the same mistake with Odin. That says way more about Thor than about Odin.

Anyway, on to the next chapter!
4/22/2019 c6 GliderPilot
This fic needs more reviews, so I am fixing that. That moment where Darcy is evacuating a pet shop is absolutely adorable. I saw a clip where she was helping a dog, and it's so in line with her character. Nice inclusion of the healing stones, also.
4/22/2019 c1 GliderPilot
Hello, it's me again!

I'm liking the beginning. It captures Thor's total disorientation after being dropped into Midgard. Also, I very much enjoy the moment where Thor escapes the restraints. People are usually taught to tense up all their muscles and fill their lungs while being tied up, because when you relax/exhale, you become smaller and the ropes become slack. Thor seems to have been trained in this (which makes sense), but it doesn't come naturally to him to find a passive way to fight back. His first reaction is just to yell and pull at the ropes.

Anyway, I will keep reading!
7/19/2018 c21 3PhoenixFantastic
I'm not a huge Jane fan, but I like the way you describe her, especially the "He called me 'my Lady'!" line near the end of the chapter. Keep writing!
7/18/2018 c21 faeriefloss99
Nice chapter!
7/8/2018 c20 JPElles
Good stuff.
6/13/2018 c19 6UTBS279
you updated!
Great chapter!
3/19/2018 c16 UTBS279
why doesn't this story have more reviews? Honestly, it's amazing. Can't wait to read more!
1/22/2018 c15 UTBS279
omg, you updated! Just realized after two days . . .
Are you planning on focusing on Thor or Loki more?
1/15/2018 c14 Wildhorses1492
It's so funny, this is chapter 14 and it came in as my 14th email of the day. LOL, talk about an amusing coincidence. As always, another beautifully done chapter wherein you manage to capture each and every character in perfection. I like how you did Loki and Thor in this chapter; they've both dead tired. Tired of each other, tired of fighting, tired of everything. Even though Thor likes his new friends, I like her you made him "older" in a manner of speaking than they are. Sort of how Legolas acts in LOTR. I mean, technically he's the same (or similar) age to the Avengers when you par things down, but also he's older, been aged differently. I liked that.

1/17/2018 c14 UTBS279
oooh, so I started reading this a couple days ago. dont know why I didnt review this piece of art.
I think I like it more when its focused on Loki*cough*Im*cough*obsessed*cough*with*cough*him*cough*
12/31/2017 c11 Alice1097
I can't wait for the next chapter! I want to know their conversations near that cliff in thor's pov. I love your work so much. And i can't wait for you to update your story All Rise too. You're really great
12/17/2017 c9 59Windy Darlington
Interior dialogue or not, this is so lovely. It's simply gorgeous (or perhaps that is too strong of a word? Whatever, it is one in the morning and I care not) how you conveyed Thor's relief that Loki is alive, and his wanting to go to him. That was just darling, and I ache so terribly for Thor. I kind of have a similar relationship with my sister. She's here, but at the same time some things have gone up between us and. . . changed the dynamic a bit. I almost started crying for him, haha.

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