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11/16/2017 c7 59Windy Darlington
Ahhhhhh, you make me want to go re-watch allllllll the movies and just bask in the Ocean of Feels. I remember watching Thor the first time and I was just sitting there, sobbing internally, because I know EXACTLY how Thor was feeling; I'm the oldest too (or, he was the oldest before Ragnarok hit theaters) so I got an empathic ache in my heart there at the end of the movie. I think that's why I can sympathize with Thor as well as for Loki. When you're an older sibling, you think more about physical safety than mental and emotional. When all you can see is the outward appearance, and that doesn't seem to suffer in the slightest, you think everything's fine and carry on as you always have (or think you always have).
It really feels like a personal assault when something emotional/mental attacks you like a tsunami and you think "wow I don't know them as well as I did when we were kids climbing trees and pretending to be Robin Hood". You feel exceedingly guilty, as well as hurt "why didn't they talk to me, I talk to them" kinda anger at first, and then you just think "Was/am I a bad sibling?"
Heck, sometimes I feel that even now; and I have no siblings like Loki. I just wonder if I've done enough, if I could've done something differently. So I always liked that about the movies, like in Avengers, you can see it when Thor first finds Loki. He grabs him like he always did, but then he relaxes and just kinda rests his hand on his shoulder. It's more a "I want to touch you because you're ALIVE" and Thor's face is just "Loki, please, why, I don't understand this!" and "I don't even know what you've become, were you like this all along?" which was great, because that's just SO realistic, imo, for siblings. Unlike "Get Help". I can't relate to that at all as an eldest sibling, but I CAN relate to Dark World.
I might be supremely PISSED OFF TO HELL AND BACK at one of my siblings for something stupid and dangerous they've done, but when there's a mutual problem we have to face, we unite and it's cool.

Anyway, I have rambled off altogether TOO LONG, so I'm going now!

11/4/2017 c4 JPElles
Nice little moments.
10/27/2017 c1 Windy Darlington
Ack, so many chapters of so many sotires that I have to read! #overwhelmed. In a fantastic way, of course! I hope that THIS WEEK I can FINALLY get to everything! This was a great first chapter, I'm actually really interested to see where Thor goes in this whole story. You always manage to write about something all the fandom knows, but add an amazing new twist! Just fantastic!

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