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18h c23 Yeetumus prime
Good shit
9/13 c23 Joeseph21
An absolutely brilliant time, a wonderful balance of zany madness and serious development
9/12 c3 Joeseph21
Yes this is most certainly a crack fic, and a damn good one at that XD
9/10 c23 nkh1
such a great funny read... :looking forward to reading more
8/31 c16 ironhair
First time I've read this too. Good job !
8/31 c14 ironhair
Sad. No money, no points.
8/31 c13 ironhair
Going to check out your book on Amazon
8/31 c6 ironhair
Hahaha, Professor Snape mask.
8/31 c5 ironhair
Good negotiating.
Kinda surprising that Harry, despite being clueless, knew not to let his home condition become known to his friends :(
8/31 c2 ironhair
8/31 c1 ironhair
8/20 c5 2Exivus
I can't imagine how weird the scene with Dobby and a daft Harry is going too be!
8/18 c13 Parzival094
Absolutely love your hissy snake language.
8/13 c23 DarkRavie
I really like your story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.

HAHAHA Oh man! I love your descriptions! They are hilarious!
8/9 c23 Avidreader212
That was a fun read.
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