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1/5/2020 c4 jubileemarie
I can't help but hate the jedi and you're showcasing the truth of them. They are baby snatchers in canon and what Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anikin are on this mission to do is absolutely not okay with me. Your story is well written in that it plays well on emotions but for me alas it does it far too well.
3/4/2019 c4 7The conmanw
Will you do a avengers alliance
10/23/2018 c4 2LONE RANGER 97
I hope the next chapter is still
9/1/2018 c4 Axccel
Yoda is probably living it up.

Steve is nowhere near fast enough to land a hit on Anakin. Or that Anakin wouldn't just hold him down or put him to sleep with the Force. This really goes for everyone but Thor, actually. I know it sounds overpowered, but again the Force. Even if it was not overpowered, the most basic uses of the Force such as telekinesis and sleep pretty much make it all but unstoppable against organic foes and there are abilities such as Destroy Droid to deal with non-organics.

The reason for the fight was poorly thought out. They attack him because they were tricked into thinking the Jedi were bad. To be fair, Tony seemed like he was willing to consider that the bounty hunters were "bad jedi" or something even before Obi-Wan told him those guys were not Jedi. However, Tony was ready to attack not because Obi-Wan is a Jedi, but because Obi-Wan said those bounty hunters are not Jedi. That is a stupid reason because the opposite would have made more sense.

Also, Tony wanting to take the Jedi in implied that he was going to lock them up and leave them there. He wanted to hold them until their claim was verified, basically, but Earth has no way to verify whether or not they are Jedi. So, to Obi-Wan and anyone with any sense, he was going to lock them up for good or forcibly extract information from them. Which, given how Tony is, he probably was.
9/1/2018 c2 Axccel
A good argument Ahsoka could have used is pointing out that if the gem or whatever is dangerous, they should tell the Jedi. Otherwise there is no reason to trust that the group has good intentions or can be trusted with it. The Jedi on the other hand have tens of thousands of years of experience protecting or destroying dangerous artifacts and have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will not abuse its power. Simply by trying to keep the artifact away from people they know can be trusted with it puts the Guardians in a very bad light. It implies they either have bad intentions or are too thoughtless to be trusted with it.

It isn't like being bound by Groot matters. They can do this thing called the Force to do this stuff called OMFGOPPLZNERF. Like, putting him to sleep, breaking his limbs, unbinding themselves using the Force. Honestly, though, I don't see why the Jedi didn't use the Force much for anything other than a few telekinetic hits. They mow through enemies, especially organics, with far greater skill, power, weaponry, and natural abilities than the Guardians of the Galaxy even without using Force powers. With them...well, it shouldn't have even been a fight at all.

I get that you don't want to make one side seem too overpowered, but the fact is bringing people who are basically scrubs my Star Wars standards into a fight against two of the greatest Jedi of their time means those guys should have been crushed by Obi-Wan and Anakin without a fight. It isn't fan-wank, it's underpowered versus space magic.

Crossovers often have this problem.
8/16/2018 c4 43BenRG
Actually 'baby stealer' is potentially in the Jedi job description and is one of the problems that the Order really needs to get around addressing at some point.
7/15/2018 c3 Guest
7/15/2018 c4 Sarpndo
I really like this crossover and the way that evrything is mashing together.

But I'm a little confused. Why does Steve call the Jedi Mormons? I don't get it.
7/4/2018 c3 Guest
Continue please!
4/3/2018 c2 Guest
Obi-Wan is best Wonder Woman.
2/20/2018 c3 5Kenobi1
I can’t wait to see Obi-Wan and Anakin on Earth! Character interactions are so fun! Thanks for the chapter
2/14/2018 c3 Rook
Earth kicking Jedi ass must be #1 on the list the Jedi are too cocky so taken down a peg
12/28/2017 c2 khTomoe
Pls update! It's sooooo good! It's so hard to find good star wars crossovers! Thanks!
12/20/2017 c1 28FireBuff51
Nice work. Nice action and characterizations.
12/16/2017 c2 Guest
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