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for Soundless and Blind love of a Whiterose

1/31 c13 Fans del Yuri
Amazing story and great words at the end, this story hooks you the more you dive into it.
12/13/2020 c13 Rwbyfan12
Is this the end?
12/7/2019 c1 4THUNDERGOD73
I just reread the story and realized the math doesn't add up for the time skip, at the end of the story you wrote 10 years instead of 4
10/13/2019 c13 AniManHuntress
Do you write also have an Archive of our own account that you update this too? Also thanks for the chapter can’t wait to see where will this great story go
10/8/2019 c13 1ElvhenRogue
I don't like how big of a time skip you put, it's far too long for Ruby and Weiss to not have any contact which is clear by the fact Weiss doesn't know how Rubys business is going and Ruby would feel like Weiss didn't really care about their friendship so it would need to be started all over again.
A year or two would have been better since it wouldn't make Weiss go a decade without even trying to contact Ruby
10/8/2019 c13 2Benji the Monocat
Waittttttt this is the end of the story? wahhhhhhhh... I wanted more
10/8/2019 c13 2merendinoemiliano
Don't worry about the timing, at least you apologized. Escaping kinda too cringe, for the rest beatiful job, i love how the friendship of the two girls is portrayed alongside the love of their families. Can't wait to read about their reunion, good work.
10/8/2019 c13 4THUNDERGOD73
I agree the time skip was indeed a good choice
10/8/2019 c13 clue1234567
this is really good
10/8/2019 c13 Madweaather
keep up the good work
10/8/2019 c13 THUNDERGOD73
Squueeeeee This has made my day and I haven't even read it yet
10/1/2019 c3 Codigo-Zero
roman? comercial bussinesses? if it did not work in chibi... o boi
9/13/2019 c12 1ElvhenRogue
I hope you update this soon
5/11/2019 c12 Otaku61801
Still waiting for you to continue. Please do though, it would certainly make my day. I'm dying to know the next part! I have been waiting ever since the last update. WE NEED YOU! Just joking! We will wait for you patiently. Thanks!
2/24/2019 c12 4THUNDERGOD73
Is this story still alive... Are you still alive.
Hehe get it
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