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9/18 c14 Alyssa
Amazing story! Please update soon
9/11 c14 8Lightningscar
Great chapter :)
Looking forward to see what happens next :)

Yours sincerely,

8/30 c14 scpotter
I love your story !
8/23 c14 Guest
You should turn this in to a series I am interested in seeing how endgame and infinity war would have happened if spiderman was her son
8/21 c14 Guest
You should a sequel
8/16 c14 Guest
Come on man a cliff hanger really ? I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER
8/15 c14 Victoria650
Thank you for the update! I’m so excited to see what happens with Bucky and Peter finding out! Keep up the great work. I can’t wait for another update hopefully soon! Stay safe and healthy!
8/11 c14 Guest
great chapter! looking forward to seeing what happens with the bucky reveal
8/11 c14 MetalBatt
Had to re-read the story since I noticed its been updated after a long while, but I most definitely enjoyed going through it all over again. I'm really curious in seeing what'll come from the world knowing Peter is Spiderman, and how you'll incorporate future MCU movies into this story. Though, there is one pretty big thing that needs to be brought up. Where's Vision and Wanda? I know Vision is at the HQ, but I woulda thought he'd join the fundraiser, and that Wanda would be at the barn. They're really the only big characters(on earth) left to be brought up. So yeah, hoping to maybe see them interact with Peter sometime in the future :D.
8/10 c14 8CRUDEN
Great chapter!
8/9 c14 50Blaney
well done

the man that I called dad passed away suddenly about a year ago and we didn't talk as much as we could, so I know kinda how you felt.

it may have been a short chapter, but you packed a lot into it.
8/9 c14 MoreThenJustStories
This is probably my favorite story about 'Peter being Natasha's son'
Can't wait for the next chapter. Awesome story 3 3
8/9 c14 quack-quack21
UPDATE ! Need more, that’s a killer of a cliff hanger
7/25 c13 1lover of crimemance
I love this story
7/18 c13 jamesmchaffie06
Can't wait for for. The next chapter
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