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6/16/2018 c1 5TheSecondBestBed
Beautiful Pepper perspective. She's so honest and vunerable in this and you nailed the character in this one. I think Pepper has some very good points about being frustrated with a slow burning relationship. It must've been difficult to a certain degree to have to watch men dode over her friend while she got nothing. She's the type that needs to be swept off her feet, and though I am a big Peprake shipper, the thought of Pepper/Smithy (Smepper?) interests me. HMMMMMM. We'll see how this interesting side story plays out!
10/29/2017 c1 Bookloverdream
Pepper is adorable. I love the playful, girlish quality you’ve given her. And this is a very realistic thought process for a teenager— giggly about her friends budding relationship and wistful about her own romantic state (or lack thereof)... and y’all know I love me some Smithy beefcake. Methinks there is some lovely potential here. Another fun read!
10/29/2017 c1 79SunRise19
Hmm, is that ending a bit foreshadowing?
Very interesting story! I really liked it and you unsurprisingly wrote Pepper very well! Her and I have similar feelings. Tis how I know. Wonderful fic! Brilliant job!
10/29/2017 c1 26lareepqg
Pepper- how much do I love you? SO MUCH.

I very much enjoyed this little foray into Pepper’s mind. As always, your introspective pieces are above and beyond awesome. It’s short and sweet, but gives us a GREAT introduction to Pepper as a person- previously we’ve only looked at her as she examines what is happening to others. Here she starts out that way, but then she turns her lens inwards, and I love seeing Pepper’s heart and mind. You bring the characters to life so well, I have a hard time commenting on your actual writing, and end up ranting about the characters and their motivations. I’d apologize, but your bring it on yourself with your awesomeness.

Back to Pepper- She’s not a heroine, doesn’t aspire to be, and accepts it as a matter of course. But, that doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving of her own grand adventure, her own great romance. Pepper has her own hopes and dreams, and while she thinks of them as small, they are still HERS. All she wants is a home, a family, someone to love, and someone who loves her in return. She’s a normal, simple girl who aspires for simple things, and that makes her all the more lovable.

You’ve made her very relatable. She’s always been relatively confident about her place in the world and is comfortable with the life laid out before her- but she’s still insecure about her future. I mean, who isn’t?

I love how you take us through her whole thought process- what she has, what she wants, what she needs, and what she doesn’t need. I don’t think anything she ponders is trite, or childish, or even selfish. It’s logical and believable, and in the end, her musings are valid-Why hasn’t Rake made a move? He’s a whole year older than Pepper and has a guaranteed position in the castle. Heck, they should have like 10000 babies by now. What’s his deal?

Just because the Pepper/Rake pairing makes (top level) sense to Pepper herself and everyone in the castle, it doesn’t mean it actually MAKES SENSE. Especially if her gardener doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Perhaps he’s not the one for her. Let’s face it, he talks to vegetables, and saves the ones that look like people.

She can do better. But is she self-aware enough to see that?

And then some possible foreshadowing with our beefcake Smithy.

Say whaaaaaat? Hotness.

So- there’s potential for growth with Pepper in this arc, I think. Maybe Pepper’s grand adventure does not include drama and injury, maybe it is more realistic; an internal journey where she realizes she doesn’t have to settle for the status quo- but that maybe her future is what she makes of it.

Thank you for your contribution to the story game. MORE MORE!
10/29/2017 c1 204Jatd4ever
This is wonderful of course pepper of all people, who had daydreamed of romance for so long would long for it. I actually read an online article recently stating how fiction is ruining our perception of love, and how we might be chasing the stuff of stories and ballads, and forgetting to appreciate what one has, or does not have yet. Either way, I loved this, and your take on Pepper was spot on. I hope you'll branch out more often, and I think I might tackle a Smithy Pov next.

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