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for A Hero's Will and Ambition

6/24 c1 Turtletipper123
so he has haki I guess. that's pretty cool.
6/23 c1 Ohma
he's 4 years old, why does he talk like that?

too in-depth, it feels dumb. he doesn't talk like a kid, he doesn't think like a kid.

he doesn't even think like teenage Izuku, this is an OC wearing Izuku's skin and using his name.
6/23 c1 Ohma
no one would think "armament" first...when they see that
I mean no one would think it at all in every other world.
the definition of "Armament" is twisted in One Piece.
Learn to pronounce
noun: armament; plural noun: armaments
military weapons and equipment.
"chemical weapons and other unconventional armaments"

"Hardening" should've been her first guest, it feels cringe when she said "Armament", too meta.
6/16 c6 Edrip
A very good fic. I was initially disappointed by him getting OFA but it doesn’t seem to have affected the story in ways OFA usually does (the story becoming a percentage chaser, OFA becoming more important than the original quirk etc.). In the end though, the fic is quite good and Haki is one of my favourite abilities in fiction and one I wish was utilised more as an idea for a quirk. Unfortunately most of the fics where Izuku has Haki make him so overpowered that having Haki is pointless anyways.

I’m a bit sad that the fic looks like it won’t be continued but the current chapter isn’t a bad end point if it has to end.
6/16 c4 Haki questions
Can Izuku use armament on weapons like in One Piece? If so, a sword would be useful. You can also use armament on projectiles like arrows and bullets in OP so that would also be a good idea if he can do that.
6/16 c3 Whats going on
Why is Izuku freaking out over not passing? It’s called a zero pointer, not a negative one hundred pointer.
6/16 c1 Whyyyyyyy
Why give him OFA? He’s already extremely powerful, giving him OFA just messes up the power scaling of the story. An Izuku that can use 100% of OFA and Haki, while being a master martial artist, is basically already a match for All Might and would cream every other hero, never mind his classmates.
5/13 c5 Genesis09
Decided to reread this and still love it.
5/9 c6 Freddielebron
You talked about med school yet continued writing another story. This story has 7k favorites. Keep it going. It’s been almost 4 years man
3/27 c6 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
2/24 c2 Anonymous
Nope. You stated earlier that he was more confident in himself to the point of appearing stubborn at times. Yet his first interaction with momo is the same as canon. Canon or your fandom, Pick one.
2/18 c1 Troll
Kenrio... before you go talking shit about a fanfic someone made, how about you fix your dogshit spelling and grammar. Better yet try writing your own if it’s so bad. Don’t read it if you don’t like it. Take your shitty negative opinions somewhere else and fuck off.
2/6 c1 VincentFS
If you’re writing any stories today then I hope you worked on your grammar. These run-on sentences are ridiculous in length and you can’t really spell that well in a lot of sentences. You seem to confuse some words with others and just outright spell words wrong.

The idea is cool by the way, it’s just a shame you dropped the story.
Himiko waifu, please author-sama!
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