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6/22 c177 2ElecFlameFox
Hehe... someone was watching Hunchback. Again
6/22 c177 Megan Romero
Nails or in this claws on a chalkboard.. that's very painful on the ears. I wonder who has FLUDD and Luigi's Poltergust 3000? That is adorable! Kirby with one cute tiny fang. Well that's one way of taking out Frollo.
6/22 c177 2MysteriousNuclearBirbs
Now I want fanart of Kirby with a fang with other characters (in this universe) that have fangs.

Bonus points for Kirby and Flandre by themselves having a peaceful time. The two powerhouses could really use it.
6/22 c177 16FireFlamerx9z
The weapon swap was AMAZING! Of course Ruby gets her boyfriend's weapon...also, can we see more of them together soon?
6/22 c177 4Bloodyguy
Kirby has grown a TOOTH!? Foreshadowing or characters are finally aging?
Pretty much the real demon here is you, Frollo.
6/22 c177 Jacob9594
Now those were some fun sketches , nice first one, also liked the weapons one and Disney one.
6/22 c177 10LogBook
Ha, nice the old nails on a chalkboard gag. I absolutely loved the skit where the characters swapped weapons, I wouldn't mind seeing a follow up to that with different characters making appearances where they use the weapons of other people. Kirby with teeth, cursed very cursed. And I liked the last skit, it was fun seeing judge frollo getting taken down a peg by salem and adam. Another fun chibi chapter.
6/16 c176 Qwark's Guest
I'm scared of who's gonna be the final DLC character. Regardless of which character is chosen, It's gonna get ugly in the Smash fanbase.
6/16 c176 Last Hope of Mankind
When I was giving a Idea of Gaiden were Tekken characters could train heroes if the would appear in the world were hunters, magic and everything that is not normal never exist ...someone...I Mean SOMEONE SAID that would be to much...Now Our dear Author might gonna make a Gaiden because of the Tekken Series Joining The Smash/Nintendo Universe and the stories Itself... Now we wait for final Smasher that might be announced in October or November...
6/15 c176 2ElecFlameFox
Bringing back Junko was unexpected... even though I did ask that. But I realized one thing, what's one way to bring out despair. Mario Party. Still, the fact that I have NEVER completed 2 and 3, and I'm not touching 1, it will be interesting to play the N64 boards in HD. Also, Danganronpa S might bring some more Chibi ideas when it comes out so give it a chance when it comes out.
6/15 c176 Megan Romero
A console that's also a fridge? Very useful. Fear the cute pink puffball that is Kirby! LOL XD Junko got a taste of her own medicine! I still like the moment where Kazuya threw Kirby off the cliff not realizing Kirby can fly/float. Yes Dante that happened and the Capcom fans are angry. At least Square Enix is coming out with some games. Well Roman your plans at stealing were frozen. BOTW Link needs to practice more with that weapon. Watching the trailer reminds me of Metroid Fusion instead of Saix it's all of those Emmi robots. Advanced Wars is back but I'm sure many Nintendo fans want a new F-Zero, Earthbound/Mother, or Bayonetta game. Still Nintendo has made many gamers happy with their games.
6/15 c176 16FireFlamerx9z
Junko suffering in Mario Party is the greatest thing ever. Honestly, the only thing missing was her losing chance time to Chiaki's ghost or something
6/15 c176 Qwark's Guest
Well Slap my cat and call me billy. They added a Tekken character in Smash. Guess that one reviewer is right. You can add Tekken to this Universe now. Looks like i have egg on my face now. Hehe.
6/15 c176 loganwayman
Okay, lemme just say something to you about Kazuya: Tekken doesn't have FGC inputs like Fatal Fury and Street Fighter, so that's some worries put to rest. What it DOES have, however, are "strings", which are combo attacks that occur by pressing specific buttons at specific times.

So yeah, my best guess is no input controls in the "traditional" sense a la Ryu, Ken, and Terry.
6/15 c176 4Bloodyguy
I can now see the fanart of Kazuya dropping both Crash and Rayman off the cliff.
Well, at least you learned more about Tekken in Death Battle, right? Right?
Maybe in future Chibis, Kazuya drops another fighter... only for the cliff to have a pile of them in the bottom.
Sammy just got paranoia.
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