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for The Captain's Primage

1/22/2019 c42 5TheVampireStrahd
This epilogue is definitely not what I was expecting.
1/18/2019 c42 50Jpbake
Well that was different, entertaining but different.
Good luck with future work.
1/18/2019 c41 Jpbake
Now that this story is over you should really take into consideration turning it into a original story. Despite using already existing characters you did a really good job recreating them into your own and even though tbe death of Jack destroyed me I would go out of my way to read it again if you turned it into a original tale.
There is still one thing I don't understand, whatever happened to Mei? She kind of gotten forgotten after the Hanamora sank, I thought at least she would have shown up alive after that incident since she was innocent, but nope she's apparently dead too along with Hanzo and Genji.
This has been a really fun read. Good luck with whatever you do next.
1/14/2019 c40 Jpbake
Well you did it. You have successfully made me cry like a little four year old girl.
Jack is... Dead. He's dead you actually killed him oh my God. I was not prepared for that emotional of a scene.
I have a feeling this story is about to end. It would have to after a scene like that.
Now if you excuse me I'm going to continue to cry over our fallen captain.
1/14/2019 c39 Jpbake
Damn what a chapter, the Slipstream is no more. What will become of Jack now that his entire livelihood is gone? And what about McCree? Hope he isn't dead, I will be depressed for werks if our favorite cowboy parished.
Please continue.
1/13/2019 c38 Jpbake
Oh shit this is getting great. I'm excited and concerned both about what's gonna happen next. Please continue.
1/9/2019 c37 Jpbake
Oh my fucking God. So not only is McCree Angela's uncle but tje soul she has stuck in her amulet Thalia is actually Moira.
And Sombra is a fucking skeleton. Creepy as hell.
My gob I'm hyped for more.
1/8/2019 c36 Jpbake
You know it kind of sucks that Blizzard didn't wait until after this story to reveal that Jack is actually gay. It almost ruins tbe father daughter moments in this story. Almost being the key word.
Keep up the awesome work and chin up McCree none of this is your fault.
12/30/2018 c35 Jpbake
Oh I'm excited all right. These flashbacks have been fun and I'm anxiously looking forward to what you bring next.
12/27/2018 c34 Jpbake
Nice to see some actual backstory for Fareeha as a captain. We've seen hints and teases but this is the first actual chapter that truly shows her as a captain with her former lover. Well done.
12/22/2018 c33 Jpbake
Wait, Thalia / Miora is in the necklace? I knew there was something strange about the necklace but I didn't expect that. That's a really good twist. Now I really need to know more.
12/20/2018 c32 Jpbake
Glad this has started back up, and just before I leave for the Holidays too.
So Jack knows Angela and Fareeha have been seeing each other but he still doesn't know all they've beeh doing. Hopefully he doesn't react to badly when the truth finally comes out.
Looking forward to more.
11/1/2018 c31 Jpbake
You know thanks to you I can't be on a team with both Mercy and Phara anymore without picturing them having interactions like this.
Keep it up, your work is always entertaining.
10/29/2018 c30 Jpbake
Holy shit, just a couple chapters ago I was wishes for some smut between them and you gave me my wish. That was sexy as hell!
I also updated my Overwatch story today if wanna see.
Holy hell that was hot.
10/26/2018 c29 Jpbake
I personally would love to go shopping with Lena considering we both apparently seem to overspend on shit we don't need.
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