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for Justice: An Arbitrator's Journal

9/30 c11 Guest
9/28 c11 Guest
more please
9/29 c11 Ecomonococo
Yes! Lookingbforward to the next update.
9/28 c11 Riblix
The MC is probably a Blank seeing that he is seem to be almost immune to the Deacon warp power. Not only that, but Blank are often described to radiate a au ra of "wrongness" and pretty much inspire hate and dislike in other. That would explain why the Cop was acting so irrationally and wanted to shoot the Arbitrator.
9/28 c11 Josiador
It lives! I thought you were deader than Sanguinius.
9/28 c11 human dragon
An amazing teaser my friend great job :)
9/28 c11 4djpj7652
Yup. He's a blank.
9/28 c11 Nofear4231
BROOOOO how could you leave us hanging like this
9/28 c11 conquerorofheaven1
AHHHHHH! *Bangs head on table*
9/28 c11 2Akashic Silhouette
This is cool and dramatic and all, but I'm wondering how the hell a adeptus arbites is surviving all of this lol. It doesn't make a ton of sense that he's a blank, since people would notice, and he would've been taken by a black ship as a child. Maybe he has a subtle blessing? From the Emperor? Or maybe he is unware but is blessed by one of the good powers of the DC universe? I think the latter would make the most sense, since they could see him as an effective champion to prevent the incursion of Chaos, and DC has many entities that are powerful enough for it.
8/20 c10 Spartanhybrid1.5
Update please I enjoy this crossover story type
8/8 c6 StoneTheLoner
This is a bit obnoxious. I would be a lot more interested if this story had a strong main character, but his presence is... lacking. You always have something else to focus on first, some other character's thoughts you want to explore before you get back around to giving the actual mc 500 words of direct focus.

That's a huge problem when I can see there's only 4 chapters left. What's even the point of finishing when I already know how your writing style is going to drag whatever the next section is the entire length of the remaining chapters? At this pace I would bet it's nothing but him waking up and his first conversation with someone in this world. Or waking up and having just escaped the hospital, only for it to be the last scene of the last chapter.

The arc with the police officer was fascinating, but everything else is dropping the ball imo and can't be made up for.
8/8 c4 StoneTheLoner
I hope you don't somehow turn this 15-20 minute drive into another two chapters.
7/28 c10 Controversial-at-best
Hey, just wanted to say that I currently am in love with the ten chapters you've put out so far. With it being a bit in the ballpark of a year or so since the last chapter, however, I just have to ask if you ever have plans to continue it?

I love the writing and the idea, it's unironically one of a kind around here, and I'm really hoping for more, as I'm sure a lot of other are. Any updates into the project would be welcomed, and thanks for the time!
7/21 c7 Regant94
What I wanted to add that motivations and reasoning behind actions of some characters are borderline simplistic compared to rest of the story. I like what they doing and way they doing it but their reasoning is painting quite a lot of characters as unrealistic simpletons.

And yes I get what you did and why poor Nidarr is getting all the heat. But even then all that unnatural hatred could be explained better then just everyone start believing in absolute bs to rationalize it.

To sum it your story is fine but need bit of revision in my opinion. Few lines here and there could better explain the behaviour of characters to us as readers.
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