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for The One Shot House!

4/24/2019 c4 487crazytaxi
Never mind. I totally forgot about the story you have called Friendships on Fire
4/24/2019 c4 87crazytaxi
What does FOF stand for?
4/24/2019 c9 87crazytaxi
Sounds like the story “Don’t Cuck Your Best Friend” it’s a great story btw. So is are these
8/5/2018 c35 Guest
That’s great! Tell your brother he’s a hero for me ️
8/5/2018 c35 Guest
Congratulations! Take all the time away that you need, family is more important.
8/3/2018 c34 20763Boi
Nuuo: Well she didn't turn them down, this is an AU, I'm just pissed they make Lincoln fucking girl repellent
8/3/2018 c34 nuuo
I didn't see new ep, Stella turned down all of Lincoln and his friends? Better than Clyde getting chosen I guess.
6/29/2018 c33 Guest
Next one shot idea. Lincoln jerks it to Carlota's booty.
6/28/2018 c33 Guest
a running away story where lincoln doesnt actually runs away but rather runs 100 laps of Daytona before he gets run over by Kyle freaking Busch.
5/20/2018 c30 Anonymous
Cool.. but can you do one involving just Lincoln and luna
5/19/2018 c30 4classicfilmfan
I'd like to see a Hugh/Jabba the Hutt story, with Ms. DiMartino in a metal bikini as an added bonus.
4/24/2018 c29 Guest
Plz do a Lincoln x Tabby lemon oneshot it is a super underrated pairing!
4/19/2018 c28 Jerry
Lynncisco? Plz?
4/19/2018 c28 Guest
Well that escalated quickly
4/19/2018 c28 Guest
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