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for Worst Nightmare

4/5/2021 c1 5AutumnKL
Interesting concept to say the least, and the execution is pretty eell too. You presented by the problem very early on and in the middle had 17 live through his attitude-changing nightmare but still left out an important part of the dream and by doing so kept the story interesting. I find 17's fight with Freddy hilarious in a good way and was wondering how he'd fare against ghost face and Jason...etc.

I've also noticed a trend in your K18 stories that they can be interpreted as reactionary pieces to fan speculations that you deemed unfair for the characters. For example, in this story it's very likely you want to disapprove that 17 is an ass and is bad towards Krillin for no reason doesn't take relationships seriously. In a way, reading this feels like watching one side of a debate and while your point is presented well, I kinda want a basic K18/17 fic that's just fun to read.

Good job on what you are trying to achieve with this piece though and my apology if I misinterpreted your story.

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