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5/18/2018 c4 powerbome
i think its throne not thrown in the thrown of heroes
5/18/2018 c4 ARSLOTHES
this is an interesting fic, hope you pair Ciel with Sakura later on after twisting her into his ideal
5/18/2018 c4 3Egnaro
I really enjoyed the conversation between Ciel (do I still call him Ciel?) And Risei. It was thoroughly amusing.

Also, rodomontading is a word but a very obscure one. It's heavily French influence but one of the ones that have been pushed aside in the English language, though is still a valid word even today. It means pretentious bragging-with no indication whether the bragging is honest or not. Pretty much think of an annoying character who boasts about their achievements but rubs you the wrong way.
5/18/2018 c4 piddle
B rank is actually the charisma level of a king of a country and A plus is Gilgamesh's level
2/11/2018 c3 7Paxloria
That glitch seems to have fixed itself and the new reviews are now visable instead of just the first 7!
Thank you for your comments! Now that I can see them I'm happy to read them!
2/9/2018 c3 3Bananarock509
I am openly admitting my confusion. Has this chapter just been edited? I know I’ve already read it, but I received another notification so was there like, a minor revision or something? Anyway, can’t wait for the next chapter, really enjoying this crossover! I really love crossovers with Fate/Stay, there’s just so much potential!
2/9/2018 c3 36king carlos
This chapter ended up quite good. Not much happened but what did happen was mostly necessary to keep the plot going forward, overall a decent chapter
2/9/2018 c3 1KreuzO13
Your story is EPIC! Lovely writing and wonderful pacing!
2/8/2018 c3 Crossover Lover
Clouded Truth and Fiendish Child practically scream "I'm untrustworthy". Ciel even says he enjoys making his foes fall for his traps and that they never knew his true intentions til it was too late. Tokiomi and Kirei must have majorly failed a perception roll if they can't see that.

So Sakura hasn't been shipped off to Zouken yet. Makes me wonder if spending time in the worm pit would result in her calling for Ciel's help? You know, much like how Ciel himself contracted Sebastian after suffering his captors' treatment. After falling into Hell, the only light in Sakura's life was Shirou.

I look forward to seeing how Ciel reacts to Gilles de Rais and Uryuu due to them kidnapping children to make their grotesque "art". He'll probably take pleasure in eradicating them due to his past trauma. After all, even if he's no longer a helpless little boy, that knife summoning catalyst brought back unpleasant memories.
2/8/2018 c3 12Esmereilda
well better his 'friend' than his pawn like kirei and tokiomi
11/17/2017 c2 36king carlos
This story is surprisingly engaging, Mark of contract and fir of vengence seems to me like fake noble phantasms while his ultimate Ex ranked noble phantasm should be "Come Sebastian". Also are tokyomi and Kirei dumb or something? I mean it says right there on his noble phantasms that he is basycli made to be the boss of an underworld organization so why the hell they let him go and do whatever he wants. Heck for all they know he might as well end up making an army of demi-servant level thugs with snipers and everything. To ignore that and basicly confirm that and that he is a genius, they say to his face that he will be disposed of later they really think everithing will be fine? Idiots both of them
11/13/2017 c2 12Esmereilda
the alt ver sounds so much like ciel XD
11/13/2017 c1 idea.getthe
when i look at this story picture and haven't read the synopsis, i was really hoping for a fate/slayer crossover.
11/12/2017 c2 Little girl
Not gonna denied that Ciel is one hell of a boy thought
11/1/2017 c1 Little girl
Well...wonder if Kirei really just got tern into Ciel future meal.
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