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for Persona RWBY: Mid-Summer Chronicles

11/6/2020 c17 135Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Ren and Pyrrha have won their own battles against some friends who were trap here as well and now they will share some notes with Naoto to see if they can find out more about the tournament and what’s really going on.
9/25/2020 c16 Guest
You doing ok?
8/22/2020 c16 Guest
I still want to see persona and freezing story you are playing to write
6/4/2020 c1 Skeletalrepublic
I'd like to ask how the fuck did you manage to fit Japan into the lore of RWBY
6/4/2020 c16 Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Nora has finally awaken her Persona and beat Aigis in a tough battle as the group also notice how the General Teddie is acting meaning there’s more to this than meets the eye as they continue marching through the tournament.
6/3/2020 c16 Darth Stigma
i just noticed that you put down "pay" rather then "play" in teddie's sentence about general teddie.

I think the word your looking for is "intend" not "intent".

"see" is missing from weiss's question about nora gaining her persona.

general teddie should have said lose "my composure" not "composer".

"way" is missing from the only to get in here is by going through the tv.

the will isn't really necessary with can in aigis sentence about labrys.

also care is missing from take care in teddie's last sentence.

otherwise, great work on the chapter.
6/3/2020 c16 9triscythe59
Glad your back! Finally! Been waiting for Nora’s Persona to awaken, but I didn’t think she would summon it that way.
6/3/2020 c15 Guest
Are you okay?
3/9/2020 c15 Guest
When are you going to upload freezing and persona
12/19/2019 c15 Guest
what was weiss title.
12/18/2019 c15 coreygriffin96
Great Job on this chapter. I really haven't posted in a while, but I've been reading. I just thought of this. But you thought of giving Zwei a persona as well? Since all the other persona users have their own mascots(Koromaru, Teddie and Morgana) with personas, the rwby crews mascot is basically Zwei. Not sure if you play the kingdom hearts series or kh3 to be specific but there's a boss in the game called Skoll who's an ice wolf in the Frozen world so if you ever think about making Zwei a persona user then there's that suggestion. Good job and looking forward to the next chapter.
12/18/2019 c15 135Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, looks like Weiss has to end up fighting her childhood crush Yusuke and hopefully everyone will get to the bottom of this madness before things start to get really out of control.
10/28/2019 c14 Guest
Yeah that all good and all but please do Yaldabaoth some justice, that guy is one if not the biggest threat in the persona universe and not because his power but how smart truly he is.

Remember he achived way more than any other persona antagonist because he played smart.
10/1/2019 c14 Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Ruby and the gang have found Kanji and Chie though they ended up fighting them too because of this tournament as they have continue like until they can find the answer to this mystery. Nice work on the titles too!
10/1/2019 c14 51ptl
I wanted to know how pathetic Yosuke’s dream was.
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