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for It Takes a Village

2/2 c1 Narges
A nice and easy start :)
3/21/2022 c19 13Elle Whitecap
This is very sister wives in a non sister wives kind of way
3/10/2022 c22 1Flora Mile
What a wonderful story, you did them all justice. Would love to read the EPI when you have it ready, seems like the story is not really compete without a little look into the future!
2/25/2022 c5 alexiana75
extremely cute part, with Gizmo, and very unusual Bella's situation. I can't wait to see the full explanation
2/25/2022 c2 alexiana75
little Maddie was adorable !
10/10/2021 c11 Itzrenaynay
Oh OK well I guess it makes sense that she would assume he would understand the situation because the town is so small and everyone already knows their business so I guess it makes sense but still on the other hand Edward is an idiot because he should’ve said something earlier
10/10/2021 c10 Itzrenaynay
So we have all these fucking adults here all these adults that speak plain English can confront things big grown-up talk things out explain some things and he hast to find out that Seth and Riley are the two that are actually together and Bella doesn’t have a partner from a child are you insane why are they so stupid
10/10/2021 c9 Itzrenaynay
Yo he dead ass used her body and then was like peace
10/9/2021 c4 Itzrenaynay
Coming from a place where I’m a part of the community and I understand that people of all kinds have different relationships and knowing that poly relationships are out there or like open relationships are out there I’m not necessarily opposed to it but I’m just confused if that is not the actual case in the story why aren’t they explaining anything to Edward because most people aren’t used to relationships that aren’t monogamous… The only thing that I can assume in the situation if it isn’t a polyamorous relationship, is that Bella and Seth had a child together and Seth is now in a relationship with Riley but most people would not assume those things so for them to not explain anything thoroughly to Edward when Bella seems interested in him is kind of weird to me
8/10/2021 c1 Mel. ACS
hola! soy de Argentina.
quiero agradecerte por permitirle a Florchi. C traducir tu historia. no soy buena con otros idiomas, la realidad que soy pésima, y gracias a la traducción de Flor pude conocer tu hermosa historia. tengo una bebé y siempre recuerdo tu frasese necesita un pueblo/ aldea para criar a un bebé"
abrazo grande! cariños
Melina Aragón
7/19/2021 c21 1918Vampyre
Enjoyed this story, immensely! Thank you.
7/19/2021 c22 1918Vampyre
Enjoyed this story and mostly! Thank you.
7/19/2021 c20 1918Vampyre
Oh my!
7/19/2021 c19 1918Vampyre
Emmet is such a planner.
7/19/2021 c18 1918Vampyre
What a lovely engagement!
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