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5/4 c13 Sir Donuts
Thanks for the fix really excited for the new chapter hope you have a good day :)
5/3 c5 greatbaldeagle31
4/23 c2 Sir Donuts
I just want to say there’s something weird with the text for chapter 2 I don’t know if it’s just me but I just wanted to let you know
3/9 c12 Sir Donuts
I’m loving this I’m so excited for the new chapters to come out I really want to see what your gonna do. Keep working on this and I hope you have a good day
4/21/2020 c11 Excelsior75
The woman had to be one of these three
A) a werewolf
B) Damians mom in disguise
C) a gypsy woman from bludhaven
4/20/2020 c8 Excelsior75
If Dick and Rachel as werewolves mate will they have offspring? What will it be a wo!f or human child?
5/24/2019 c2 Anon
Well, given that a Wolfman saw him essentially become a man...
2/8/2019 c8 Guest
Overall good fic, but I think Rachel’s chapter is too long. It kind of disconnects the reader from the original story. I also think we should have seen a bit more of Talia by now, since this whole thing was her plan.
11/30/2018 c8 5Nightwing1993
Great chapter!
7/31/2018 c1 vi
I love your amazing story and please add more chapters soon and I'm am also a fan of nightstar i have been shipping them since watching the original teen titans tv show,movies and comics.
5/28/2018 c5 5jdcocoagirl
this quite interesting. more spon
4/3/2018 c5 11Blood Carnival
I really hope you continue this soon. I love this story!
12/12/2017 c1 MANNY
DC comics are the best storys to tell the readedrs more info about the main charcheders in the story.
NightWing is my favret DC comics besides Rodien and Batman. And the story was good one to pick.
To me all of the DC comics have good SUPERHEOES is good. thats a good thing. when are you coming out with the new chapter? Yea i know I talk to much
12/8/2017 c1 11Allthingsrichardgrayson
Love the idea! Can't wait for more
11/24/2017 c2 Guest
Will dick be showing wolf like characteristics in his transformation?
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