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10/17/2022 c14 Sir Donuts
Rereading this story was a blast and the last chapter was a amazing so full of emotion in really excited for the next ones I’m so happy it’s being continued, I wish you good health and a good day

Sir Donuts
5/25/2022 c14 Alice Blade
Great Chapter! And you're welcome, by the way. :) Always enjoy a good Batman fanfic. Especially with Grayson and Talia involved.
5/24/2022 c13 Alice Blade
Are you going to continue this?
10/12/2021 c1 MOONWATCHER404
Oh boy, Nightwing getting attacked by a werewolf reminds me of so many of my daydreams where Nightwing gets attacked by an indoraptor. :D
5/4/2021 c13 Sir Donuts
Thanks for the fix really excited for the new chapter hope you have a good day :)
5/3/2021 c5 greatbaldeagle31
4/23/2021 c2 Sir Donuts
I just want to say there’s something weird with the text for chapter 2 I don’t know if it’s just me but I just wanted to let you know
3/9/2021 c12 Sir Donuts
I’m loving this I’m so excited for the new chapters to come out I really want to see what your gonna do. Keep working on this and I hope you have a good day
4/21/2020 c11 Excelsior75
The woman had to be one of these three
A) a werewolf
B) Damians mom in disguise
C) a gypsy woman from bludhaven
4/20/2020 c8 Excelsior75
If Dick and Rachel as werewolves mate will they have offspring? What will it be a wo!f or human child?
5/24/2019 c2 Anon
Well, given that a Wolfman saw him essentially become a man...
2/8/2019 c8 Guest
Overall good fic, but I think Rachel’s chapter is too long. It kind of disconnects the reader from the original story. I also think we should have seen a bit more of Talia by now, since this whole thing was her plan.
11/30/2018 c8 5Nightwing1993
Great chapter!
7/31/2018 c1 vi
I love your amazing story and please add more chapters soon and I'm am also a fan of nightstar i have been shipping them since watching the original teen titans tv show,movies and comics.
5/28/2018 c5 5jdcocoagirl
this quite interesting. more spon
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