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4/26 c6 cannonfodder43
Oh man, the Grizzly. Further proof in a long list of vehicles and concepts prove that video game artists have no sense of how tanks work. Overly big and overly complex with no thought put in to maintenance, actual features that improve effectiveness that actual tanks go through. All rule of cool and nothing else.
3/9 c18 Zman445
really enjoyed the story thank you for writing!
12/22/2019 c4 cannonfodder43
Well that went rather better than expected. Quite the yield that fuel air bomb had.
11/10/2019 c2 cannonfodder43
Another good chapter. With good world building and culture building that is very well reflected in the writing and characters.

Although I have to say, seeing those notations in the text does stick out to me. Minor gripe but one I can live with.

A unique depiction of Halo, especially on the inter-branch and logistical and operational portrayal of things. I was not expecting this when I began reading this.
11/1/2019 c1 cannonfodder43
Finally got around to reading this.

So far I am quite impressed. Certainly one of the better stories I have encountered in a while, your attention to detail goes well with your good writing. I very much like it when writers give their stories a sense of place and being. Filled with actual people doing actual things like fighting and dying.

Thus far this story has it from this prologue. Combat is brutish and sharp. The environment described well, the characters for the most part realized at least for a few people most notable. And a story about a common grunt. A most welcome change from the Spartans that this franchise and fans obsess so much about. And as portrayed, competent but human and realistic and authentic to my eyes.

I look forward to reading the rest when I get time to do so.
2/5/2019 c24 UniqueDream
Really enjoyed reading this whole fix and the perspective of a fanatic, I’d never thought of it that way about the innies that is. Never thought about the innies thinking the human covenant war was a propaganda ploy. Because damn that’s a good twist if I’d ever seen one, fucked by your own ignorance
12/29/2018 c12 4Killerkitty641
I don't normally comment on past chapters in completed works, but this chapter was masterful in its execution. The leading to the big reveal through the flashbacks of Lancelot was excellent, and I love how Moss's thought patterns are disjointed compared to earlier chapters, plus the reactions to everyone finding out he's a bit mad at the minute.
9/19/2018 c1 4Aggron Prime
First off, this story was one of the best Halo stories I have read on FF to date. Excellent characterization and believable interactions, attention to detail and sequence of events. I was hooked after the first chapter! And one that focuses on what you termed 'vanilla NPCs' instead of Spartans (which, I admit, as do some of your other reviewers, have been tragically overused) was a breath of fresh air. Though in full disclosure, this is coming from an author currently writing their own story with Spartans as the main characters.

After reading the entirety of your story and a few of the one-shots, there were a few things I didn't feel quite fit the story. Some of the references and mechanics I felt were a bit out of place in the Halo universe (Destiny, Submarines and a couple others). Their addition didn't detract from the story in a big way, but I felt other ones could have been used that might have made a bit more sense. The second thing was the amount of technical information, especially in the first few chapters. I felt that some of the descriptions could have been shortened, even removed entirely, because they broke the flow of the story. But that is where the power of artistic liberty comes into play! In any case, I am probably just nitpicking at an otherwise stellar story.

I really enjoyed that you put your own spin on the existing Halo cannon and I look forward to reading one of your stories in the future!
8/10/2018 c24 Broman
Sorry I want able to review the other chapters. Il do it anyway if anything just to increase your popularity as an author.

Excellent writing by the way, really sets up how much of a fanatic she was back then. Crazy how much a person is willing to deny unless punched in the chest by a alien who relishes combat.

I wonder what's next (if) you chose to do another Halo fic. You've certainly got the talent for it, and more importantly the passion for details/story telling. If you made a book I'd buy it haha.

But if you do do another story around halo, and I hope you do, please don't make it centered around Spartans. It's been over done to death (back when halo was just getting in fanfic).

Anyways, I'm looking forward to whatever other content you put out, but I just want you to know you're one of my favorite authors in this sci-fi arena.

Peace out
8/1/2018 c1 Silversir12
Loved it, Such a good story
7/26/2018 c23 CommissarBS
I'd actually like to see some more from Griffins interesting perspective
7/7/2018 c20 4Preacher of Kepler
*Brace yourself, long review here.
After following your story about a two weeks ago, I just finished it and I must say, this was a great story. I'm very glad I found this because like you said, so many Halo fanfictions just involve a generic plot of Spartans steamrolling through the Covenant and frankly they've become so repetitive and unoriginal. Your story on the other hand is original by offering a different perspective in the Halo universe that's overlooked. I really found myself becoming attached to the characters, especially Pip, and it really struck me when she died at the end. I know these are fictional characters but often times it's easy to sympathize with them like real people. What I also enjoyed was the incorporation of the Covenant characters and their dialogue. It's interesting to hypothesize how things are behind the scenes in the Covenant, especially with the Prophets.
Now, I do have one criticism in this story though. I understand that you want to showcase the many different military technologies and terms, especially during the action scenes. Halo is a military genre after all. However, I did feel that sometimes you were a bit too descriptive and detailed with some of the scenes. For example, I feel it was unnecessary to write the exact technical names and terms of certain weapons like the battle rifle. Unless they are relevant to the actual plot, I think it is fine to simply refer to them as battle rifles and not their exact technical name of "BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle". For me at least, it ruins the fluidity of the story and becomes redundant. But that's about it though because other than that, again, your story was awesome.
Also, for your one-shot, you wrote that you feel concerned that Moss feels like a Mary Sue. I just want to say, there is absolutely no need to, even if he happened to assassinate that Minister. The fact that your even questioning whether Moss is a Mary Sue or not is indicative that he probably isn't. I know a Mary Sue when I see one and there are so many in the generic "Spartans blowing shit up" type of stories, it's unbelievable. I once stumbled upon a Halo story where the main character is an ODST who ENLISTED the UNSC Marines as a LIEUTENANT straight out of HIGH SCHOOL without any logical reason and this makes no sense as officers are commissioned after attaining a college degree. Then this main character happens to be promoted into an O-6 Captain in the Navy in just seven years while his love interest and best friends from high school all become O-5 Commanders and all serve directly under him. Oh but it gets better though. Sometime this dude becomes a Spartan by receiving Spartan IV augmentations from ONI for again, no apparent reason and according to the descriptions by the author, he is still on par with Spartan IIs. (face palm). After looking up the author of this story, it was clear as glass that this character was a self-insert of him. Not that self-inserts are bad (Kyle-091 was pretty good) but this self-insert was a glorified version of himself resulting from wishful thinking. Anyways, no need to worry because again, THIS is an example of a Mary Sue in a halo story. Moss is not. On the contrary, despite his accomplishments, Moss actually struggled through the plot and his accomplishments were warranted by his abilities, circumstances and even luck, which I consider to be valid.
Anyways, again, I really enjoyed this story and I sincerely hope you continue to write more Halo stories on this site. Even if there won't be a direct sequel of MIA, I hope Moss makes a cameo appearance in any planned Halo stories of the future.
6/21/2018 c18 chippermovie
Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it with us.
6/14/2018 c17 SaltySieger159
Jesus, How can a man cope with losing his whole squad who he considered his family. I would always think about suicide if I were in Shens' situation.
6/11/2018 c17 Scorpion
Can't wait to read more of you wonderful writing I enjoyed fallowing moss through his experiences.

And Halo infinite... omg I'm so excited halo looks like halo again.
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