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6/6 c25 BEANS
Bruh saiken is a slug
6/5 c3 BEANS
Bruh what the hell is the situation there in right now lol its so funny yet stressful lol
5/30 c30 Agustina Cejas
Okey...casi después de un mes que se realizó la actualización pude leer el capítulo... Maldito profesorado... Pero me encantó como terminó... ¿Va a tener un epílogo o acá va a terminar la historia definitivamente?
5/14 c30 darkhuntressxir
kakashi got what he deserve! great ending
5/13 c26 darkhuntressxir
now I wonder what is in the tea...
5/13 c30 TigrezzTail
Interesting way to wind this up. Everyones' safe, family can be extended in all manner of ways and even Konoha is reformed. Nice!
5/13 c29 TigrezzTail
Oh good, it's not just punishment. Kakashi is actually making it up to Naruto, sort of. Although if e doesn't take any of the actual abuse, does it really count?
5/3 c30 6loveprass
I'm going to miss your stories on here, I have wattpad and follow you on it but it has ads that annoy me and its hard to search for something specific. You're the only user that writes the harem stories consistently and I am harem fic trash but nobody wants to write them anymore. Apparently its the worst most cringe thing someone could write, but they're my favorite type of fic. You're harem stories are the best around and I love them. Great job on this one it made me laugh a whole lot, straight up started cackling a few times.
5/3 c17 Ashley Qualls
Lol akamaru ignoring kiva a lot in this story hahaha
4/28 c30 kirsty21
4/28 c30 DOCTORWHO1267
Loved the story
4/27 c30 2shadewatcher
Sqweeee! A happy ending! Love the Naruto fluff!
4/27 c29 kirsty21
4/22 c28 TigrezzTail
Well, that is certainly one way to fast track his training.
4/12 c28 kirsty21
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