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8/5/2018 c23 12Fox in the hen house
"No, I am not dropping Hereafter."
*puts the sledgehammer back in the shed*

I couldnt stop smiling the whole last part. She hustled the Devil himself! Into love of all things!
8/5/2018 c7 GeraniumRyka154
8/5/2018 c23 4LetsFindAName
Top 10 Anime Plot Twists:

#1: this entire fucking chapter lmao
8/5/2018 c23 2TheAssassin2
YES! I knew it! AT LAST WE HAVE WILDEHOPPS! I can't stop laughing. This is a great chapter!
8/5/2018 c23 12GhostWolf88
Now THAT was one hell of a chapter, pun intended. Update when you can, I'm not going anywhere…
8/5/2018 c23 Merecor
The new chapter was worth the wait as always. My response to the ending was literally me cheering “Hell yeah!” to myself while pumping my fist in the air. 10/10 and definitely my favorite chapter so far. Keep up the awesome work!
8/5/2018 c23 Jukeboxher97
Every chapter one after the other is just better and better. Thank you for bringing this story into the world and best of luck on the real world issues you are currently facing.
8/3/2018 c22 CrossFiction
For the first time in history, I did not groan, close my eyes, cringe, or curse under my breath when I found this books chapter full of fluff. I found this book on Archive of Own, but found most of your work here: I love the art dedicated to this book, the support and love it’s gaining, and your AMAZING work and skill in this book!
... but being left on a cliff hanger makes me shrivel with anticipation for the next chapter! I know there’s life, your other works, and editing and all, but if you can please hurry, I’m slowly becoming a golem here!
(“My precious...”)
Ps. The final art for 22 confuses me; what does Judy offering the fruit/apple of eden have to do with Nick and Judy’s affair?
7/30/2018 c22 Guest
7/16/2018 c22 Guest
7/12/2018 c22 Guest
Damn it that was good!
7/10/2018 c22 Trembelfist
Holy smokes !
7/10/2018 c22 Leonthepro
She wont fall at all or she wont be caught by Nick, either because its not needed or because he wont make it.

Calling it now.
7/10/2018 c22 KOTR13
Very hot, Scara! I'm also a little confused about that last part, but that's okay. I note that the chapter doesn't actually say whether Judy fell or not or even any implication that she's falling (wings withering, halo disappearing, none of that). I wouldn't be surprised if Nick woke up next chapter to find Judy still there with him.

There's one thing I'm confused about. Some chapters have suggested that an angel falling is a rare event, like Nick thinking about the rumors in Luxuria about how bedding an angel is incredibly pleasurable and makes them fall, which sounded like just a rumor rather than a known fact. Also, Judy was surprised when she figured out that Nick is a fallen angel. On the other hand, the conversation they had a few chapters ago about Envy demons and angelic weapons suggested that ALL demons are fallen angels, which would have to mean that angels are falling left and right to give them the kind of numbers that they have. so which is it? Do most demons start out in Hell (either mortal souls that have become demons or just generated by Hell itself) with the occasional fallen angel mixed in or are they all fallen angels?
7/10/2018 c22 surviversp
Thank you for the update and yay for the progression of their relationship to this point! I liked the exchange they gave each other before things got going. Definitely looking forward to the next update whenever it can be created.
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