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10/31/2019 c29 7Jknight97
Okay, I finally managed to finish this wonderful tale and I must confess... there were many references that left me dazed, confused, and bewildered. I’m going to try reading it all over again but there are quite a lot of layers to go through. Suffice to say, your concepts of love, happiness, and marriage sit well with my soul which is why I find the story very interesting. Now, I need to sort it all out to further enjoy it. Good luck on raising one hell of an offspring. It’s an experience you’ll relish forever. ;)
7/23/2019 c29 WolfofAvalon
Brilliant storytelling, as with all your stories. I can't wait for the sequel! Congrats on the young one!
7/16/2019 c29 adrio96
this story was awesome! Will we ever get a sequel?
7/13/2019 c16 adrio96
The only thing that's bothering me a bit is, why are they both so casual about the fact that he's trying to corrupt her? I mean, it's not a joke, it would seriously hurt her, for like eternity. I mean, I understand the whole 'I'm a demon' thing, but come on. They are obviously becoming at least friends, why isn't he questioning this more, why isn't she upset. Why doesn't he ask him to stop, I would expect her to try and tell him at least something like 'why are you trying to do this to me? I thought we were kinda becoming friends, why would you hurt me like that after protecting me every time I'm in danger?'
7/13/2019 c15 adrio96
"Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a todd of wealth and taste" XD
Seriously dude? Genius. This amused me much more than it should have, I'm still humming it and giggling after reading this hours ago.
Cool lucifer reference too ;)
7/13/2019 c14 adrio96
Wait what? What is happening? First of all, is the devil so weak or is he that strong? I mean, the collar is limiting him right? buphomet didn't have limitations, so how was he so outclassed? Why are his flames indigo? Wasn't it said that the highest power comes with white flames? I mean, shouldn't he have a violet flame? Also, the collar, can't he remove it now that he's the devil?
I love this story but I'm very confused.
7/11/2019 c4 adrio96
This is gooood! I love how smug he is. Judy should have reported to her superiors though, that's gonna bite her in the rear.
7/11/2019 c29 Dmann693
Three days later, I'm questioning why in the world this story was on my back burner for so long! I've read a lot of your writing and most of your stories, but I shouldn't have put "Hereafter" off for so long! It was an absolute joy to read, from the idea behind it all, to the plot, and reimagining of the characters. Every moment something important was happening there was no dead space in the story and your world kept me at the edge of my seat for the entire ride. :) And the entirety of it all cumulating into a twist I didn't see coming! As much as I want it to continue, I know that deep down this kind of storytelling doesn't happen over night and I wouldn't want it to. Anything slapped together wouldn't Doo any justice to the story and if you ever continue "Hereafter" I look forward to the slow burn of an amazing story from you. :)
Thank you for a great read that I know I will revisit again and again.
5/26/2019 c28 3Medic 27
Amazing! I extremely enjoyed reading this!

I want to know what was in the box, but I assume that's for the sequal?
5/23/2019 c4 Medic 27
I love this so friggin much. For some reason I eat Angel and Demon shit up. and this some good shit.
5/12/2019 c3 Puma
Wow, what a chemistry between them! Love your world building, the dialogues and am very intrigued where this story leads to. Kudos to both of you 3
5/1/2019 c7 WolfofAvalon
Aaaaaaah snap. The plot thickens!
4/29/2019 c29 lonelyshipper
This story was so amazing and I absolutely love every bit of it!
4/12/2019 c1 WolfofAvalon
Oh my. Very intriguing first chapter! Enough to spark an interest without giving too much away! And to see Finnick terrified of him...what powers does he have?!
4/8/2019 c29 2casualCranium
I've been following this story for a while, and it's without question one of my favorites. Thank you so much for writing it! I love it so much, and while I'm sad it's over, it was amazing. Keep writing more!
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