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3/20/2019 c29 deletedaccount111111
I loved this story so much; I couldn't stop reading it! I am excited to see a sequel!
3/18/2019 c29 31white1498
will there be a sequel to further explore beings of outer spheres of creation (elder gods and the like)?
3/13/2019 c29 Tactical Tyler
With the ending you just pulled I'm hoping with every fiber in my body that there will be a sequel. Great story and it honestly pains me to see it end, if i were a writer or was good with words I'd find some other ways of praising this story but as I'm neither all i can say is the story was amazing and it has been an absolute pleasure reading it.
3/4/2019 c29 KarrieSama
This story was amazing. I absolutely loved the social commentary you threw in the mix. The pacing was great, you kept the reveal of the mystery consistent throughout the whole time.
I like how you took aspects from the original concept Zootopia had with the tame collars. I also loved the way you used the mythologies. I recommend this story to everyone and I certainly look forward to the sequel.
2/28/2019 c29 28Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
An amazing epilogue and a great finish for this story. And doth my eyes deceive me, or does it appear like Judy and Nick have a son in the future? And it appears that he may become a wayward child. Hopefully if it happens, they can lead him back. :) Again, amazing story, ScaraMedn, and I'm looking forward to all your future endeavors. :)
2/28/2019 c28 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
I looked up Epic in the dictionary, and this story popped up as the first definition. And the second...and third. Seriously, this has been such a fantastic, well-written, expansive, story with such developed characters, wonderful emotional impacts and a plot that was suspenseful, intense and amazing to read! I couldn't put it down and every time it popped up in my emails, I had to read it immediately. Even when at work, on my breaks I would see it and wish my work shift go faster so I could get home and read it unhindered.

And this climax was just that, climatic. It was the definition of that word. The whole scene of the fight between Nick and Judy was beautifully written, and everything came together so well! The appearance of Death at the end was a particularly clever and amazing addition to the story. It really sealed things up and tied up everything nicely.

Seeing Nick and Judy wed the way they were here, was fantastic. It had an amazing build up the entire story until this pivitol moment. It brings up so many ideas for the future, as to what could possibly happen with the ruler of Heaven and the ruler of Hell being wedded together. I can imagine they might start changing a few things around their domains, maybe after a honeymoon. Maybe Judy can brighten up Hell, and Nick can get those in Heaven supporting the former tyrant to stop being jerks and start acting like angels. :D

Okay, at this point I was trying to find more things to praise and went back through the story, but ended up starting to read it again as I loved it so much. So I guess I should probably end this review before it times out, by stating...this story is remarkable. It will stand as one of the more exemplary stories written in this fandom for its imagination, character development, world building and entertainment value. Thank you so much for writing this absolutely fantastic story, ScaraMedn. :)
2/26/2019 c29 Vince Fangway
This was one hell of a ride. Literally.
I was hoping to see the four riders of the Apocalypse but I guess that seeing Death is good enough, hehe.
Thank you and all the people involved in the creation of this story for the dedication and effort that you invested to make this fic possible. You guys rock!
A sequel sounds amazing, but I personally would love to see more of your other projects. Congrats for the new addition to the family by the way. My best wishes!
2/26/2019 c29 1hellion117
Ok I am positively throbbing for a sequel
2/25/2019 c29 SlickNick11
Great story, I'm so happy that you managed to finish it!
Congratulations on the baby! I hope you have enough free time to finish your sequel too!
2/24/2019 c29 jrayeni
Amazing finale, this story was awe-inspiring from start to finish.
2/24/2019 c29 ania-ane
This is one of the most awesome stories a have ever read. Not many authors can end their work with such style, with every part of this story i was never dissapointed and impatiently waited for more. Thank You for all your work (and others that helped with it) so this story could be completed.
I Wish you the best especially now that you have baby on the way :)
2/24/2019 c29 Leonthepro
Thank you for the hard work and congrats!

Have a good 2019 and know that whatever you feel like writing later, me, and Im sure many others will be happy to read it!
2/24/2019 c29 rickiZ1
what does verna means? i tried searching it in latin and it means house slave
2/24/2019 c29 Acidarms
WHoo HOOO awesome story.
2/24/2019 c29 seakard
My reaction to the last 2 chapters. Standing Ovation! Quadruple Curtain Calls.
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