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3/18/2018 c1 11Abel Sephaos-Retired Account
You got a lot of nerve telling others their plot leaves much to be desired, especially with THIS piece of literary gold existing.
11/3/2017 c1 lolol
i think the correct words you looking for is possession for procession, potential for potational, and broad for board (sword) not to mention bipolar ruthless protagonist either
11/3/2017 c1 Not my Taste
No just No -_-
11/3/2017 c1 The Rupture
Interesting, its kind of refreshing to see a shirou, who is not a hero of justice wannabe.
A question does he still have tracing?
Keep it up.
11/3/2017 c1 dragonsword1000
You should research on this a bit more, Shirou Emiya in essence is a blade, and because of Kiritsugu Emiya, he was given a purpose, to save. If this is 'what if he was born on Remnant' then he wouldn't have the proper knowledge to be able to use his skills like Shirou Emiya would, as he wouldn't get Archer's knowledge slowly leaking experience into him like Fate / UBW / Heaven's Feel Shirou would.
I suggest using a failed timeline Shirou if you want to get gory and selfish, use a Shirou who 'didn't believe a superhero could exist'.
11/3/2017 c1 DPSS
REEEEEAAAALLLLYYYYY out of character for Shirou to participate in the slaughter of innocents. Like, the exact oposite of his characters. Slightly more in character for him to take the blame and risk being killed. Word of advice, don't treat Shirou like the standard shonen protagonist like Naruto or Luffy. He's not the kind of person that would sacrifice his life for the sake of his friends, he's the kind of absolutely broken guy that would sacrifice his life the sake of anyone that isn't downright evil. And even the later is only because they are likely to kill a lot more people rather than because he hates the guy.
11/3/2017 c1 2merendinoemiliano
Not quite bad, interesting the bonding beetween Shiro and Neo

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