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for Big Brother: Episode TAG - Grandma Tourismo

9/15/2018 c1 243Gumnut
I agree it makes more sense for Virgil to be the middle child. He looks younger than John in TAG and it really does seem that he is younger.

Lovely fic. I particularly love the manhandling :D And Eos’ mischeviousness :D Hmm, manhandling...

Thankyou so much for writing and sharing.

(Off the edge, but learning to fly)
3/13/2018 c1 70Lady Razorsharp
Awww! That was precious. 3
11/4/2017 c1 2Photowizard17
Ahhhh I see what you did there! Clever. I liked it!
11/4/2017 c1 129DarkestWolfx
This is brilliant - I am so glad you did post it!

"EOS, are you rebelling?" - Fantastic line! A very neat explanation for that "big brother" line too. It didn't sit right with me either, just appearing out of the blue like that, as I too have always seen Virgil as the middle child.

I really enjoyed this whole piece, it's a really nice read. Good work!
11/4/2017 c1 Minimam
Brilliant wee tale. I always thought of Virgil as the middle child but he certainly acts like a big brother x
11/3/2017 c1 94lilidelafield
Hahahaha! I love this. That big brother' line irked me a I have always understood Virgil to be the middle brother too. (I also thought grandma's name was Ruth? Although, I do prefer Sally as it happens).
This was great and a really imaginative way of explaining that line.
11/3/2017 c1 41crystalquirt
What a fun story! I enjoyed it very much. I've always heard that Virgil is the middle brother. Even when I heard Virgil call him big brother, I assumed it was because he is literally the big brother, even 'bigger' and stronger than even Scott. I don't think it matters if others did something similar either - we are all borrowing from the real TAG or TOS, right? [and without reading the others, I know you would do it better, :) I like the situation you came up with to illustrate why John would call Virgil the big brother, even if he isn't the oldest, or older than John at least.
11/3/2017 c1 beanie168
Great fix-it, spot on.
11/3/2017 c1 13Bow Echo
Brilliant, and my take too. Virgil at times becomes big brother too all, even Scott with his impulsive nature needs reining in by a 'big brother' by proxy, like in the epic recharge ep. Love your portrayal of Eos, who becomes parent when needed. Roles shift and swap to provide each member of the family exactly what they need.

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