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9/4/2020 c5 carolinamaiah
muito bom! fico feliz que voce voltou a escrever
9/4/2020 c5 16coelestis
I'm so glad you're back!
9/4/2020 c5 4Little.Miss.Sugar.Less
Yasss end the war!
9/4/2020 c5 Elizabeth Pricillia
thankyou for updating
9/4/2020 c5 NazRif99
yeay... i am so happy this story update. Keep next the story pleasee
9/4/2020 c5 3Valen Goncalvez
Please keep updating! I can't wait to know what will happen next! And thank you for your efforts!
8/10/2020 c4 JenRestrepo3
My God this story got me on edge. Its amazingly thrilling. Dam the cliff hander. I want yo read more. I hope it returns to its full and more shocking glory.
7/15/2020 c4 SakuratheUnicorn
I love the story
6/26/2020 c4 Papaleta
What a fantastic story! it suits perfect with that pacifist/determined Hinata's personality! I hope that someday you can continue writing it it is sooo good
5/23/2020 c4 Miku tQm
omfg please continueeeeeeee
I would like to see some tobiramaxhinata and Izuna alive.
5/23/2020 c4 HinataOverAnyHoe
Omg this cliffie hurts soooo much! Please please pleaseeeee come back to this story! Pretty please, you can't leave us hanging like this *wails uncontrollably*. Again, thanks for writing and sharing! Much love :)
5/23/2020 c3 HinataOverAnyHoe
I thought the Uchiha matriarch's name was Mahirin and not Sukiko? Mah and I really liked Mahirin but it doesn't matter. RIP to both her and Tajima-sama, so so sad. Man I'm really liking these interactions with Tobirama, hopefully they're the main pairing! I really like this story, I like Hinata's relationship with her brothers. They're sweet and protective but I really like the fact that she doesn't let them coddle her and treat her like a small defenseless being. She's still my kind and caring Princess but she's has a backbone to her, I dig that. Thank you for writing and sharing! Hoping for an update soon. Take care :)
5/22/2020 c4 eristkq
this is exciting! will hinata ever get her byakugan?
5/10/2020 c4 Guest
this is an amazing story!
4/5/2020 c4 NazRif99
update please
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