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8/11 c95 1Lord Pegel
I'm in awe at how well written this is, you have quite the talent! This is truly awesome!
8/8 c95 Yorozuya Forever
Don't know what the deal is with the one guest reviewer. But as always haters just knows how to be rude. Heh, jealous people because they can't write a story of their own.
8/6 c8 sgtitanwolf
Five seasons of firefly? Damn even when Nathan Fillon played hermes in the admitedly crappy percy jackson movies he dropped a firefly reference. I want to be in this universe just so i can finally finish Firefly
8/3 c95 SpecHQ
So this chapter confirms what some have probably expected, that being Donna's feelings for Jacob and while yes it doesn't out right say so but from what we've seen of their interactions and her response to his possible death seals it for me. While some people may be apprehensive about that I'm not. For one simple fact, immortality, both jacob and Donna are immortal meaning at some point in the future jacob will become single because Kori to my knowledge is not immortal and therefore you as the author don't have to compramise Kori and Jacobs relationship but then again maybe Kori would be on board with having Donna join in(I don't know). Also take as much time as you need because I would hate to see this novel ruined because you felt the need to rush it.
8/2 c95 NTRLover
Wonderful, now that they're on the Gordanian homeworld, Starfire can return to her masters, while Jacob can go cry as he faps in the corner. Your weak betacuck MC apparently has the powers of a god yet manages to lose every major fight he's been in or get mind-controlled by whoever he's fighting. It's only logical that this time the Gordanians are going to be the ones to brainwash him, and make him watch as they re-enslave his girlfriend.

Oh yeah, and he's made of metal so he probably can't even jerk off with his metal dick while the Gordanians are taking turns running a train on Starfire.
8/2 c95 Radsong
This is a awesome story I'd reccomend you read this shit
8/2 c95 37Death Fury
Excellent chapte
8/2 c95 Guest
Stuck on an alien planet with superpowers and a hot alien princess. Every nerds dream come true. To bad it’s full of slavers
8/1 c95 TheUnknowableOne
Many thanks for the chapter!
8/1 c95 arispuffer
sShit man, whatever happen in the future thank you so much for the story, it was a journey and a half Im so glad I found this
7/31 c95 Guest
As long as you don’t tire yourself out. But great chapter like always, I really enjoyed it.
7/31 c95 Drake Harlock
I love your story but I understand.
7/31 c95 1Ultimatrix bearer
So much hype! Blackfire is so screwed once the justice league does get involved.

7/31 c95 superpierce
Great chapter just love the romance between Kori and the MC.
7/31 c95 9Emrys Akayuki
Great chapter, you have no idea how happy it makes me that Serling has a plan in her back pocket (Although it's a shame neither Kord or Jamie is gonna blue it up... Well, who knows.)

I almost forgot about the speedy stuff, but that's definitely an issue. Everything is falling into place!

Now they just need to get home, I'm sure they won't have to end a decades long interplanetary war to do it... :P

Looking forward to what's next, take all the time you need!
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