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4h c100 53Death Fury
Excellent chapter
2/6 c100 Guest
New chapters?
2/6 c100 2Isaac Young-Star
Next chapter please
1/18 c27 Efail1
Wait so the league knew about his past and have likely found his alternates family being there and rather than turn this into a team thing or warning him or anything they just dump him into the thick of it and yet again come off as incompetent?
1/17 c15 Efail1
I understand that this is meant to be a form of character development or drama but the development progression kind of sucks. It feels like rather than an adult your main character is an angsty teenager with 0 communication skills shoved into this universe where the league are all incompetent at communication (which tracks with the source material). Like I understand that this is an overwhelming situation but he kind of comes off as that shiro 'people die when they're killed' level of dumb at times that comes off as childish. I guess it's that level of naivete that takes things at face value without really considering any deeper meanings that makes him come off as more childish. Like this meeting about his training, he is upset is then given a half-hearted apology then immediately caves. His ideas of being a hero also feel kind of shiro like which is kind of a blatant example of a childish tantrum in anime.
1/9 c6 Magicsteve
absorb amazowin
12/17/2023 c4 reaperking2003
Oh no, the SI is a retard
12/10/2023 c64 Guest
At this point just give the magic abillities and technology to every random citizen he meets.
12/1/2023 c71 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Ah, he’s found the Deep Ones. This will end well for all involved.
11/23/2023 c66 Alkorian
the fact that you made a normal human into this broken and overpowered calculator is beyond annoying
11/22/2023 c47 Alkorian
this is to much
11/21/2023 c30 Alkorian
I really dislike how you just took a random character and massively buffed him compared to characters like superman who had been nerved into the ground
11/20/2023 c1 Alkorian
si is not the lowest form of fanfic author. gender bending the main character and making the characters read their story is much much worse
11/14/2023 c100 superpierce
That last scene was truly romantic.
11/6/2023 c100 1Ultimatrix bearer
didn't see that coming.

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