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7/16/2020 c7 1RubyRay248
awesome story! thanks for sharing!
5/29/2019 c7 Vadercat
I like Hiduko, but I really despised Mosley, seriously shallow person in the position of power. Not sure what the writers were thinking other maybe having us hate her so much we rallied to get Hetty back in any form. I'm not even sure why she left for that first year, but we did really to have her back, though it was proven we could survive without her if the story lines were interesting enough. Testing the water with the different office managers was certainly entertaining though I liked the Admiral and the guy from the Office best.
3/24/2019 c7 128Mulderette
Yay! So glad to see Mosley get what she deserved. Very nice conversation between Callen & Hetty. Nicely done.
3/24/2019 c6 Mulderette
Oh wow - this is awesome. Love the team's show of loyalty to Callen and the way they are all banding together against Mosley.
3/17/2019 c7 OscarSierraCQB
Very well written, reading this chapter cheered me up a lot, It is good to read that Moseley got what she deseved, I hope she gets assigned to the Artic detachment!
3/14/2019 c7 1bjq
3/14/2019 c7 11countrygirluk56
Excellent. I'm pleased to see that whilst Mosley was technically Hetty's superior, the latter still has the authority and the respect of Director Vance to be able to banish the former back to Washington. Loved the way the team stood behind Hetty against Mosley too. Great writing.
1/22/2019 c6 OscarSierraCQB
I have only just found this fic and i wish i had seen it sooner.
I have never been a fan of Mosely and have been waiting for someone to write about her getting payback for what she had done. This story is intriguing and very well written, your characterisation and team interaction is very good. To ensure i don't miss anymore this is going on my favourite list.
1/21/2019 c6 1bjq
OMG SPECTACULAR. It just keeps getting better
1/20/2019 c6 ILust4Gage
I am not a Nallen fan so glad this didn't go in that direction. Good start to this story can't wait for more
1/20/2019 c6 11countrygirluk56
Oh excellent! It was well worth the wait. Mosley wanting to get revenge for something Hetty did to her years ago and now she has lost the entire team, analyst and tech guy as well. Probably not what she planned but she'll go with it. Now is this Hetty coming back to say the day or will it be Director Vance or one of the other Deputy Directors? Can't wait to find out. Well done.
10/23/2018 c5 Maria
really good...hope you are gonna finish it...
9/7/2018 c1 sherrib1968
Congrats on the baby! I know they take up a lot of time, I really enjoyed reading this so far and I hope you finish it.
7/17/2018 c5 8orangetails
I’m assuming this isn’t finished...
I think you’ve got ‘Callen the Protector’ down well in this, looking forward to seeing where you take it now...
7/8/2018 c5 128Mulderette
This chapter definitely lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The showdown between Mosley and Callen was very well done and understandable. Love how Sam is steadfastly supporting his partner as well. Another well written chapter. Looking forward to reading more :)
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