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for A Mutant in Hawkins

1/10 c3 8Angryfanfic
Please continue
8/11/2018 c3 SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
A damn cool story.

Let's see what happens when Laura and Elf meet each other.

Please continue writing quickly. I MUST know how to proceed.

With kind regards SupergodzillaSailorCosmos
1/20/2018 c3 2Reven207
Please come back I need more of this!
11/8/2017 c1 Lotus2
Continue with this story. this is a very intresting crossover.
11/6/2017 c3 Rainsfere
I like the ambition, but the timeline doesn't work and the chapters are far too short and I do not like that X-23 is getting involved with all of the kids so soon. That's just my take.
11/5/2017 c1 CamoBandana315
So happy that someone finally did this crossover !

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