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5/20 c26 1aqdas33
Awesome chapter keep it up.
5/9 c4 Daggerxxx
Boring, can skip the whole chapter. Who would be interested in these characters anyway?
4/28 c26 F27
Espero el siguiente cap estuvo genial el cap 26
4/27 c26 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
So here we get a deeper insight into the culture of the Dragon Lords. As well as the ‘behind the scenes’ movements in the Dragon Kingdom as well as inside Nazarick. I wonder when we’ll be getting a look into the Dwarf Kingdom and the Holy Roble Kingdom’s inner workings. Also it’s nice to be introduced to how Draudillons mind works with how she needs to act in order to ‘keep her people’ safe. Also we really need to get Cerebrate fitted with a millstone.

Also Tsa and Rigrit argue like an old married couple lol
4/1 c19 1Squally009
I'm glad you brought back Clementine. I always felt she was killed off too soon. And the new undead Revenants is a good twist. You got a whole lot of original stuff going on in this story and I'm eager to see how it all pans out.
3/31 c26 superpierce
This chapter exceeded all my expectations.
3/27 c9 Squally009
Holy crap that was amazing! The Six Paths have always been my favorite antagonists in Naruto and to see how they fared against Cocytus was very entertaining. The last Chibaku Tensei was a bit overkill but Madara always was the kind to go for grand effect, he has the Chakra to spare after all.
3/26 c3 Squally009
What can I say except it just keeps getting better! Turning monsters into summons, interrogating a lich, good stuff!
3/26 c2 Squally009
I had literal goosebumps reading the part where he manhandled Narbarel. Great writing! Although that sibling incest at the end was unexpected. Then again it fits with the kind of depravity you see in Overlord, so kudos! Good Twist!
3/26 c1 Squally009
Holy Crap this is good! I feel like this is how Madara would act and think in a suddenly new environment. And the Observer seems really interesting!
3/25 c26 kabelka123
I kinda hope the Madara guy will get time frozen and instakilled, would be so fun to read.
3/12 c26 RagingCajun
3/11 c26 Guest
Take your time my friend, it wont turn out great if you dont, not for you or this story. Great chapter too! Though I admit Ive forgotten a few things from the chapters before, so the references were appreciated.
3/13 c26 11Paragon of Awesomeness
This chapter served to illustrate why Madara went out of his way to rescue Hilma Cygnaeus (alias: Shauna Gilmore) and placed her in charge of the Fire Leaf Concern. She presented top-quality warriors to Queen Draudillon, including the team Blazing Crimson which she tried and failed to hire on her own before, as well as a former martial lord of Baharuth. And she managed to convince the queen to halt her payments to the Theocracy and the Empire in favor of using those resources to pay her instead, which on its face is a bargain. Now this could lead to worsened relations with those two countries, but they're already using her as a buffer against the beastmen, so it's not like they'll actually do anything; plus they're probably about to have bigger concerns.

Then there's her own, personal unit of disguised Edo Tensei summons. Let's see if we can't identify each of them...
Benkei - Leader of the 13 Heroes
Dorian - The Black Knight
Vorsa - Izaniya
Grogg - the dwarven Runesmith King
Izuna - the Captain of the Air Giants
Urath Groon - Zero (interesting that his disguise apparently includes him having hair)
Bertrand Bell - Malmvist
Thuron Doss - Peshurian
Allura - Edstrom

But Draudillon proved that even when she's backed into a corner, she's not one to be trifled with as she was apparently able to see through "Shauna's" disguise. Makes me wonder if she noticed anything amiss about the reanimated warriors, or the Concern's beastmaster, who I'm pretty certain is actually a disguised wood clone of Madara's.

Meanwhile, it seems Nazarick is still figuring out some things on an administrative level, and we see that some specifics for Madara's alliance of Dragon Lords is being ironed out, but the Platinum Dragon Lord has his reservations, to say the least. And if that's the case, I'm certain the others do as well. But at the same time, they really have no other choice if they hope to stand a chance against Nazarick, or the cause of the world's disturbances, which we now get confirmation as being caused by a well-on-its-way Divine Tree.
3/13 c26 1Madara95
Shauna Gilmore (I don't remember her real name)She has become a great asset for Madara. Few people can negotiate this way in the New World. It was nice to watch the Queen's surprise))

As I understand it, the final battles will take place in another continent where the "Divine Tree" is located.
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