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4/17 c73 Guest
sabes que acabo de descubrir mirando por internet es unos investigadoress para ver como cazaba un Araña voladora tuvieron que relantizar "40 veces" el video que hicieron para poder verlo. además de que se descubrió que las arañas ogro pueden oír sonidos tanto de alto o baja frecuencia a unos 2 metros de distancia de ellos . no se me parecio un detañe curioso para comentar
4/14 c73 Noideas38
REALLY happy to see Logan and the X-Men finally come in! I think he appeared earlier with Jean and their daughter, so excited to see exactly which characters are adapted :) Glad Harry is showing Peter and Gwen around, hopefully they avoid the classic 'friend turned enemy and dying' later on (kudos on switching things up btw) and kind of wondering what is Harry's relationship with Velvet.

Thanks again for the fun read!
4/9 c54 A Reverse Weeb

Not gonna lie, I'm really happy you decided to add Nick Fury here, and probably S.H.I.E.L.D. by extension.

Whether the original comic book version or MCU's SLJ, he's literally one of the coolest characters in All of Marvel.

He also said one of my favourite quotes in all of fictionI've killed... More times than I can count. I've burned worlds. Destabilized galaxies. Dethroned gods. And I did it without any of them even knowing my name."

He's one of the best secret agent characters in all of fiction, in my humble opinion.

Thanks for the chapter, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest!
4/7 c73 4KenSanders
Hoo boy! Jaune better report back to Fury cuz the Logan and X-men are here. Prof. X even shared their danger room schematics to the Academy.

Jaune better be careful around Logan cuz he can smell the scent of Spiderman on him or his instincts telling him that he is no ordinary bub. Whats worst that if Jean is either a Teacher or a student in this story will also be spell a trouble for Jaune due to her powers. Cant imagine Prof. X to be one of the teachers due to his position. Even stepping back to Beacon grounds is too dangerous now with sharp nose and instincts along with a strong telepath around it.

Ah,man! There's a traitor within the ranks already in the secret location of the prison!? Guess that;s expected. Jaune's can speed dial whitley about the situation on their side.

Hope that Jaune gets his intel support with SHIELD. Fury hadn't mention which side Charles' is standing.
4/7 c73 15ahsoei
I don’t think Logan is short, tbh.
4/6 c73 2DannyPhantom619
4/6 c73 Super heavy weapons guy
Oh cool the X-Men
4/6 c73 keybladelight
Well now that jaune and ruby got their reunion romance can wait to see what's gonna happen to your new arc and to see how you gonna do in volume 4 arc.

Harry showing Oscorp secrets well talk about fast-forward but good show some foreshadowing of Spider-man new enemies to fight.

Velvet father be Taskmaster is still a shock hope that jaune talk to Velvet about is biological father or maybe he go as Spider-man to how to defeat Taskmaster.

Oh boy Cinder is now make her appearance and soon she will get a jailbreak well can wait to see the reaction of jaune and the rest of the Avengers when they learn the futur news.

The X-men are appearing oh boy Logan can wait to see professor X and the rest of the X-men.

You know not one you mention the Avengers or maybe build the Avengers tower in Vale hope you make it as futur chapter.
4/6 c73 5Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter
4/6 c73 8Jebest4781
Quite good on how this went.
4/2 c1 Titanslayer2000
Bro how has it been 7 years and I haven't gotten past chapter 27!? Now I've got to start over again
3/28 c72 neith12
Would have preferred velvet to be his adopted daughter cause the writing kinda implied it in the whole chapter and it would make their relationship more interesting, i mean them being biologically related is gonna have the simple plotim not my dad and i hate/ dislike himvs taskmaster being her adopted dadyeah i hate him and the fact that he taught me how to fight but he was there for me when my bio dad abandonnd me and my mother and raised me".

like one of the few issues i have with the fic is jaune and ruby they don't spend a significant amount of time with eachother and what they have in common is barely explored like their loves of comics and heroes.
3/27 c66 arsenal3.14159
I noticed that the Lamp only activated when Jaune said, “I can only imaJINN.” LOL
3/12 c72 Lio D Polash
more chapter
3/8 c1 Andy
What was reaction when you heard Rooster teeth is shutting down?
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