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for The Amazing Jaune Arc

1/24 c53 Lonely Boy
I can wait to see this Jaune go into either the spider verse and meet other spidermen and women or the Arc verse and meet his other counterparts.
1/22 c1 Ashton Chane
I would love to see Juggernaut in this Crossover. But instead of a villain, he would be either a member of the Avengers or an ally who comes in when they are dealing with a villain or situation that's way over their heads.
1/21 c53 Guest
hi can i just say awsome chapter but can i ask are you going to add wanda or other avenger
1/21 c1 Devil34
Hi great chapter can't wait for the next one but can I ask are you going to add Wanda and other avenger to the story or is this it
1/20 c53 scl04
I'll be waiting for what comes next!
1/19 c53 marcusdarkheart34
yo I need more and this is good I love it
1/15 c53 guestyperson
WOOOOO! I'm so glad i was left with a semi-conclusion to the arc and i didnt have to wait after a cliffhanger hahaha. Nice job! I binged this story in a day heheheheh
1/15 c53 Loveless
You have a real good shot at being an author with your own book series. You know how to just make everything spectacular along with creating good cliff hangers.

Now I have a crazy idea that if anyone reading this should ad their input.
Imagine a reaction fic to this from cannon watch this then suddenly the versions of themselves they were watching appear.
Spider-Man and jaune don't appear in this but they meet each other in a more private setting along with iron man and whitey.

When the meet is over this stories cast has their memories of jaune being Spider-Man erased as they return.

What do you think?
1/10 c53 Guest
Yang becomes captain marvel I'm calling it
1/10 c53 4attismorte00
exelent history, i reade this in 1 weakw, and loveit, continua like this :)
1/8 c53 Stand Up Be Strong
I think that after everything that has happened. I think Jaune deserves to have his Aura unlocked. With the upcoming enemies in the future, he's gonna need every advantages to take.

I believe there could be a lot of creativity if Jaune has his aura and if he still has his canon Semblance, being Aura Amplification.
1/8 c53 Gen2324
Will Jaune start to change the design of his suit to the more classic Spiderman suit?

I mean in Volume 4, the main characters of RWBY decided to change clothes while keeping their color the same. Like with Ruby had a change of clothes, but still has the red hood.

Jaune can change his suit, but it still be the blue and red along with the classic suit having that outline on it like a web.
1/8 c53 Doortolight47
Awesome, loving the changes made.

And I like how earlier chapters of the story, especially ones like the Vol 2 fight with Roman in the Paladin, you show the consequences of Team RWBY's action, It was weird how they didn't address the collateral damage caused by the girls. I mean seriously Weiss froze the road and cars fell off the bridge and people would obviously be hurt by that. So I am glad you addressed and show how the pubic were not happy with that.

Heck in Canon, I hate how hypocritical the cast becomes and how the show keeps on trying to show they are the good guys so everything they say is right. I mean they all got mad at Ozpin for keeping secrets, but then they decide to lie to Ironwood about the lamp and kept the truth about Ozpin and Salem. I didn't like how the show decided to make Ironwood the bad guy, I mean that was just stupid. I remember the speech that Ruby makes to Qrow when the guy was at his lowest point and didn't want to do anything anymore after the shit with Ozpin, and she said that they didn't need an adult through the dangers of their journey. Which is bullshit, since I recall how Team RNJR needed to be saved by Qrow from Tyrian and Qrow was the one dealing with the Grimm that would have attacked them and they didn't know that until Qrow decided to tell them about the secret war and how he was following them in the shadows.

I just hope you don't do that here, since I like how you show the consequences of Team RWBY's action and how Ruby learns to do better.
1/6 c53 Absolute Fury
We’re in volume 4 territory now. You know what that means? Continuity changes! Also, if I remember correctly, you said venom might come sometime soon in an author’s note.
1/4 c53 Kensei-1085
This event should bring a new age. I mean Jaune, Whitley, T'Challa, Scott and Hope pretty much proved heroes existed and they ended up saving Vale. Ant-Man and Wasp dealt with the Wyvern, Black Panther together with Blake drove Adam away. And Spider Man and Iron Man dealt with Cinder and transferred the Fall Maiden's power to Yang.

Yeah this should really screw Salem's plan and her being pissed at Cinder's failure.
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