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3/12 c63 Chris72637
I have to say, the world building is very reminiscent to the 90s Spider-Man animated series and I love it for that. From humble beginnings, to recurring supervillains, to volume three, to the formation of the avengers, to Madam Web, it's peak Spider-Man and I love it. I hope you update sometime soon because I can't get enough of the story. Stay cool my man. Peace.
3/3 c62 Axccel
She knows Nick is someone who will do whatever is necessary and doesn’t give a damn about childish ideas of right and wrong. If she becomes his enemy, he will kill her and move on to the next resource.
3/3 c57 Axccel
You’d think by now he’d have created his suit out of a thick layer of long lasting or permanent spider silk. It’d basically be bullet proof and contrary to what you wrote it’d actually be extremely resistant to cutting due to its flexibility.

I dunno about volume 7 Qrow, but I do know that the brats whining at him never made a damn sense. Honestly, all we see is the adults always being right and the kids meant to be RWBY’s heroes always being wrong and usually creating problems by lying or withholding information and then the audience is meant to think they’re right. Then the adults make choices that seem bad or horrible until someone with a brain cell in the audience realizes the choices made perfectly good sense when you recall the reasons for it were caused by the kids lying or withholding information. Ironwood being a prime example.
3/3 c56 Axccel
If you play the story straight, they’ll be pissed to learn that Salem didn’t unite the world against the gods. She collected just a few dozen people whom we saw in a flashback. If even that many. Yet, the gods wiped everyone out. Few of whom probably even knew any of that was going on at all.

And it’d help it they had an epiphany from what the conditions actually are about the gods returning. It makes no mention of faunus or Salem. It’s only that humanity be at peace with each other. Well, the kingdoms have been at peace for eighty years now and it’s reached the point they’re basically bros. Ozpin still hasn’t united the relics, wasting the opportunity. This is also why Salem is trying to sow strife among the kingdoms, as the only way she thinks she can die is if the brothers kill everyone. Which wouldn’t happen if she united the relics while the kingdoms remain as they are.

Am I truly the only person in the entire fandom to ever notice this?
3/3 c50 Axccel
To answer Adam’s question about the protests and petitions, what the original White Fang got for its trouble was…equal rights. It’s shocking that the RWBY creators were so sloppy as to have both the faunus demanding equal rights while also saying that the faunus already have equal rights. Without even showing humans in general as racist or the faunus as oppressed but instead showing the average faunus as racist to varying degrees.
3/2 c45 Axccel
Yeah, one of the dumbest parts of canon is that every kingdom removed their militaries. Except Atlas, who has no natural barriers and so has no choice but to maintain a large military as its main defense against Grimm. Which of course makes the disarmament of everyone else utterly ridiculous both because the literal NAZIS of their world still have their army and because it proved armies are effective against Grimm.
3/2 c41 Axccel
Cauterizing is a bad idea. You often bleed more, not less, and the chance of infection is massive and it won’t heal right.

I always hated Adam and the White Fang. As far as the viewer can tell, they have no reason to exist. And dumb fans like to claim that the faunus are oppressed. Ignoring the fact RWBY canon says the faunus already have equality, the only humans we see treating faunus badly either treat everyone badly no matter their species or are traumatized veterans who avoid faunus but don’t mistreat them. The only actual racism we see is from faunus against humans for quite literally no reason.

We’re also supposed to believe the SDC goes through the expense and effort to have a secret mine with faunus slaves and moronically brand them with the SDC’s name? Despite having plenty of legitimate mines with both human and faunus employees and automated machinery that would be far more cost effective? Bullshit.
3/1 c8 Axccel
No offense to working women, but honestly no huntress is a keeper. There’s no point in marrying a second income, you can live just fine on your own, and a second income with a job that will often keep her away from home for long periods of time…no. There just isn’t any point in even dating someone like that unless you’re going to lead her on for sex or pump and dump her. Both of which are terrible things to do to someone.
3/1 c9 Axccel
Technically, since Spider-Man intervenes in crimes being committed, it could be argued that he’s not a vigilante. I mean, you wouldn’t be arrested for stopping a purse snatcher whether you’re wearing spandex or not.

The huntsmen handle outside threats and rogue aura users. The problems that matter to secure peoples’ lives, though, are either ignored or the police/laws are too soft on and so no one is protected or feels safe. Spider-Man fights those things. From stopping criminals and taking the fight to gangs the cops won’t even try to touch to rescuing cats from trees. Spider-Man saves people from internal threats, huntsmen protect people from external threats.

The public’s anger would stem from the sudden, wide-spread realization from his actions that huntsmen could do both but choose not to. And their and the government’s hostility towards Spider-Man in reaction to the public’s anger at this unsurprisingly pours a huge amount of gas on the fire and shift’s the public to being suspicious.

Think about it. Someone thought of as a rogue aura user runs around saving people from criminals and fires and the law enforcement and huntsmen’s reaction is to try to arrest or kill him? Yeah, you can easily see what that looks like to the public. A mix of “Wait, if he can do this then why aren’t you!?” And “He’s doing good so it’s extremely suspicious that you’re going after him.”
3/1 c28 Axccel
Another good chapter. Though a middle aged woman would never regret not enjoying herself in her youth as there aren’t women who didn’t party and sleep around. Rather, they regret all of that in their middle age and especially their late years.
3/1 c63 5Voskaeon
The image of Ozpin inside a maximum security prison is weirdly comical to me. I could see him reacting to it as a derserved 'fate worse than death', but also like "ah yes. Finally, i can rest easy"
2/19 c3 Valor-Derzod
I understand giving Jaune Peter Parker’s powers. I don’t understand giving him Peter Parker’s life. It’s so unimaginative.
2/2 c34 M2R
hmm considering just how pathetic the huntsmen and authority are in the canon, I guess Qrow really put up too much confidence.
2/1 c10 M2R
does even Remnant has english as a language? do they even have multi languages?
1/30 c63 SchattenSoldat08
Thanks for the update and nice reference. Best wishes to you and your family.
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