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7/25/2018 c5 37Agt Cosmic
Even if it's filler, as you call it, I still cracked up when I realized Danzi appeared again, and then Ody and Yanne; I love them too much. If you haven't guessed from everything else I've said about your OCs.

Also your character dialogue is still great. I really love your character dialogue it's delicious Mmmmm. And I smell plot. Or maybe that's the doctor's again. A lot of things can smell like plot to me, oops.

Also I'm late but I hope those Very Important Exams went well. I know the feeling, fellow potato.
3/24/2018 c5 Destiny W
(yeah I'm just not logged in)
Hark! An update approaches!
With a bit more information and mysteries, who can say what will happen next? Will Meta Knight find the answers he seeks? Or will he be lured into another dead end and wind up back at the tuna?
And the best of luck to you on the Very Important Exams!
3/18/2018 c5 DS
Heck yeah, an update! This was a pretty nice breather chapter. I'm pretty sure Bandana was talking about the whole searh p the castle, but who knows
12/31/2017 c4 Agt Cosmic
I already love Ody and Yanne. They better show up again. Their introductions were priceless, and I really love their character. You never see hunters as OCs in this archive. Also, "You gotta relax and kill stuff only when they jump out." Just...yes. I need more of them. I really like the contrast in their characterization too.

I should say more on the actual chapter but I honestly enjoyed it all, so that's all I have to say for now. Except that I love your character interactions. Again. I need to say this in every review now just to prove my point.
12/31/2017 c3 Agt Cosmic
We started with biscuits and ended with a beastly tuna. Also, it's December when you posted this, but it won't be December by the time you read this review. Shame on me. So unmotivated to review things promptly.

"this chapter has a lot of talking." But I love your character interactions so I don't care. I feel like if I was actually giving professional critique of your work, I'd just end up saying that in every single review. I'd probably be fired from my job for being so repetitive.
12/31/2017 c2 Agt Cosmic
That callback to the first chapter's ending, though.
That conversation with Meta Knight and Danzi fulfilled my existence. And then with Kirby. I really like your character interactions; I've said that before but I'll say it again. I really hope Danzi shows up again; I like him. He works well in all his character interactions, in Vault in the Castle and...was he in the original Minion projects? I could swear he was, but I haven't read them in a long time and you said 'new OC' in Vault, so I've confused myself.

"And people take less than a second to die." Wow, I never thought about that, but yeah, that's actually decent logic. Actually, is this Kirby from the Minion projects, or is he from 50 Weird Things, or a completely different one? I'm assuming he's from Minion; he doesn't remind me as much as Kirby from 50 Weird Things, but I'm sick so maybe I'm just really confused.

"When I asked you for help, it was the last chance I had, and I was sure you'd turn me away." Is this in reference to a game, or is it something different? I could make my own assumptions, but I figured it'd be easier to ask because I'm lazy.
12/31/2017 c1 Agt Cosmic
I know you said on your profile that this is just an experiment, BUT I missed reviewing this when it first came out, so...well, I forget where I'm going with this, so let me just review.

I like your OCs. I said that already, and I rarely say that to people (which I think I already said as well), but I'll say it again because I really do like your OCs. You have a knack for them and they never feel out of place in stories. I usually cringe mentally whenever an OC appears in people's work and I'm like, "Oh crap, well, here comes another one of -these- characters", but your OCs feel like a necessary part of the story that you just can't live without. So. Keep your lovable children here without regrets.

I'm not one for go-on-an-adventure, save-the-world kind of stories either, nor am I one for 'epic battle scenes', so don't worry, I'm not expecting anything. (Also, your statement on breaking characters is sooooo relatable-I mean, oh yeah, that's a cute bunny, I misread things.)

I like your Meta Knight, I really do. I didn't read all of LttR for some reason so I wasn't that familiar with him, but seeing a little more about him, I really do enjoy your characterization of him more than like...probably 98.7% of the archive, if not more. And I know you don't like him despite doing a good job with his character, which I really respect because I usually avoid writing characters I don't want to write about.

'Take note this takes place in gameverse' YESSSSSSSSS; say no more, you've got me already. I already knew that from the rest of your stories anyway but I just NEED that sentence in my life in this archive of anime fics.
12/17/2017 c4 DS
Ooo I like these two
12/5/2017 c3 40Destiny Willowleaf
Wait... did they manage to fish up the Ultra Sword fish? But like a regular one that's still big?
Also, there definitely seems to be something up with everyone around here... the mystery deepens!
12/3/2017 c3 DS
I don't really see to many gameverse fics that either acknowledge or expand on the fact that meta, ya know, tried to take over the god dang country. I especially enjoyed how the average minion didn't even knew what he looked like due to his solitude. It sure makes the world of the story feel bigger!
12/1/2017 c2 4Jewelsio
This is a really good story so far! I really like your take on Meta Knight and Kirby, and I find their relationship really interesting here. It's almost as if Kirby's the adult taking care of old Meta! Anyways, I like the OCs in your story too, and I'm looking forward to future chapters! Keep up the great work!
11/28/2017 c2 DS
I really like the way your writing Meta Knight in this. Its very interesting!
11/27/2017 c2 40Destiny Willowleaf
Hm... Meta Knight seems to have some sort of idea what it is now... perhaps Gooey? Or a birthday surprise for the knight? Maybe he wasn't supposed to be knocked out but it was an accident.
11/26/2017 c1 DS
oooo this looks promising. The OCs were pretty cool though. I'll be keeping my eye on this fic
11/7/2017 c1 Destiny Willowleaf
Well this will be interesting. Especially with that title... It's going to be a blast to see how things pan out.

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