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for The Last Monkey Master

11/6/2017 c1 2Mindless Violence Fan
Man, that was a heavy story. The series always focused on Drakken and Dementor as the worst adversaries but DNAmy was certifiably insane. Yeah, I can see her going batshit crazy like this.

Kim threw away the most precious gift she ever received, Ron's love and devotion. Only later in life did she see that mistake. Although she made a couple of overtures to bring Ron back, at least as her BFF, he seems to have kept his distance. Maybe because of his new calling to the world (the new Sensei) and maybe because Kim broke his heart one time too many. He may have been friendly and not holding a grudge, he didn't seem to want to go further than, "we're in this together, so let's make the best of it".

Ron not wanting Kim see him die showed there she held a special place in his heart and didn't want to traumatize her any more than she already was.

Kim's last thoughts makes me hope there is another time, another place where she and Ron will meet and get things right.

Good job.
11/6/2017 c1 47daccu65
Let me add to the comments...welcome to the dark side.

I don't know the origin, but the saying 'beware the wrath of a patient man' seems appropriate. Amy was brilliant and ruthless; nobody knew the scope of her plans until it was too late to stop.

As for Kim and Ron; regret and what could have been's. No, staying together might not have prevented all of this, but at least there would have been more happiness while there could have been. Let's just hope that if there's an afterlife for them, they'll be able to make up for it.

All in all, a strong tale for the Halloween contest, using science in stead of the supernatural.
11/6/2017 c1 4CajunBear73
The madness of an insane genius vented against humanity when her obsession was beyond her grasp.

Mankind suffered ruination beyond description.

In this Kim and Ron did their best, and maybe Hana will be where humans and others will rebuild the world.

Thoughts of regret and love lost fill both their minds as each says their goodbyes to the last connections in this life.

Ron soldiered on, returned and did his best with the last vestiges of his young life.
Kim, with nothing tethering her in this world, joined her beloved with hope driving to what may be waiting to save what remains of this world.

PS: I'm with Larry...Welcome to the Dark Side...yeah, they have killer cookies, too...
11/6/2017 c1 26Sentinel103
Ah so you DID end it for Kim Jimmy, welcome to the dark side. I'll bet CB is salivating at the moment...unless he got infected too.

Anyway, nice job. A good writer once told me that you need to write stuff you are not comfortable with.


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