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7/6/2018 c37 1candy95
This was really interesting. I think your theory makes a lot of sense and you had Murray’s character down to a tee. Great chapter!
7/5/2018 c37 my-secret-garden
Once again, I looove your story and the details and work you put into it! Amazing.
Aaanyway, yes, you are right about Bauman and the Lab, he sure won’t give up. I wonder if they will introduce the genetic thing in season 3... it would be interesting.
Be as it is, have a wonderful stay in the wildness with your family! Enjoy it!
7/5/2018 c37 10writingtrainingwheels
this is brilliant with the science. Hopper being so focused on his people Will in the first eleven in the 2nd. and Murray and kali brilliant
7/4/2018 c37 3Movie Riggs
I really, really like that idea. Well done.
7/4/2018 c37 4mugglemom2
Another great chapter! I was secretly hoping El would let slip what she’d seen in the void but her better judgement prevailed!
6/28/2018 c36 1candy95
Oh my god her wish was for Joyce and Hopper to get together I’m gonna cry! So cuteeee
6/25/2018 c36 my-secret-garden
What an wonderful chapter
6/24/2018 c36 18darthstormer
Fantastic chapter. Two thoughts. Love that Hopper and Joyce was her wish. And brilliant observation that they have to be careful with photos around El.
6/23/2018 c36 tabitoo
So...that was her wish...aww...Now that Hopper and Joyce are finally together, Eleven, will have a real family. Your story is so good..bless
6/23/2018 c36 4mugglemom2
Love it! I’m a sucker for Jopper and this didn’t disappoint!
6/19/2018 c35 my-secret-garden
Okay, so much happened here and it was amazing. The idea of spreading gossip around town is really clever (and fun) so I can’t wait to see more. And it was also a nice balance to the sorrow and drama they all have too often to go through( btw, comparing Will, Jonathan and Els view on “fathers” was once again on spot) .Thanks for this fun chapter.
6/15/2018 c35 winterinnyc
omg this is so amazing! I'll be sure to keep checking for updates! Update soon please!
6/15/2018 c35 tank03
I absolutely love how you have the team get together whenever necessary to help execute some plan on El's behalf. The mutual respect (sometimes grudging) between the adults and kids is admirable. And I don't know of any group in the population that can stir a rumor more adeptly than a group of middle-schoolers.

I really appreciate the argument being made here: rather than hide her away, where few will notice if she goes missing, make her part of the community so that lots of people will miss her and thus, make it less tempting to make a move against her. I also like how Hopper recognizes that if El were to confront Brenner that she may not be able to overcome her emotional conditioning and do what needs doing.

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading more.
6/14/2018 c35 18darthstormer
That was some expert manipulation of the rumor mill.
6/14/2018 c35 tabitoo
THAT was hilarious...so good...wish the ppl at NETFLIX would hire you to write there books on ST...you would be perfect for the job.
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