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6/9/2018 c34 1diapason
Just binge read your whole story! You write Eleven's mental struggle with her past so thoughtfully and her relationship with Hopper so perfectly. I loved the use of the "Marco Polo" code, Joyce's midnight conversation with Jonathan about his father, and the little bit about the Rice Krispies, and I'm so excited about Nancy's tape for Eleven and the possibility of getting to read more about their relationship. Looking forward to the next update!
6/9/2018 c34 3Movie Riggs
I like your thoughts and this chapter. This is something that I feel could even be touched upon in Season 3 or beyond, especially when (not if) Brenner returns.
6/8/2018 c34 tabitoo
Nice...I like your rational...love your story...more please
6/7/2018 c34 my-secret-garden
WHAT A CHAPTER! It does not matter that it was short, it had exactly everything in it it needed to have. Both, Hopper and El are so in character here and you were once again on point in your AN.
6/4/2018 c33 noDownSide
I love the detail (and the love you show for the characters), totally looking forward to future chapters!
6/4/2018 c32 noDownSide
Hopper is an awesome teacher even if he is as grumpy as the bear El compared him to at the zoo! Jopper here we come?
6/4/2018 c30 noDownSide
fave line in a so far AWESOME fic: "we left mirror in the rear view mirror a long time ago..."
6/4/2018 c33 Starla Marie Locke
El's thoughts about her Momma at college really hit me. Ugh the feels!
6/3/2018 c24 noDownSide
There is a lot of food for thought in this chapter. I like that El's speech is part reluctance and part thoughtful (and still part from Brenner). The realization that Brenner was a father but a bad one is important for her to keep growing and learning and becoming herself. It's beautiful!
6/2/2018 c17 noDownSide
Very funny (hoisted on their own petards!)
6/2/2018 c14 noDownSide
The arc of the story for this chapter and the two before with Max is brilliant and sad and all too real. That love is what makes family more than genetics is apparent and even Hopper is mellowing!
6/2/2018 c33 my-secret-garden
Ok, so Prof. Miller is more than brifed. I liked the addition of her very much, actually you could pull off El as someone with reading-learning difficulties in real life. Oh, and Mikes comment on the dog was hilarious!
6/1/2018 c33 4mugglemom2
Another well written chapter! Still loving this story.
5/31/2018 c33 tabitoo
wow..this story is amazing. you are good
5/31/2018 c33 tank03
Well done. That was a great way to arrange El's transition to school with as little drama as possible. If you ever find the time, there was a documentary released back in the late 80's called F.A.T. City Project by Mark? Lavoie (FAT frustration, anxiety, tension). The film delved into learning disabilities and did a tremendously good job of showing people what the world was like for LD kids, and strategies adults could use to help them overcome their deficits. It's still frequently shown in educator prep classes to this day, and is very interesting in and of it's own right.

I'm glad El has all of this support from friends and family, but I'm a bit sad that seemingly all of her interactions with Mike have been him providing a shoulder to lean on. I wish they could have a bit of fun together rather than having to deal with all of these weighty issues all the time. I recognize, however, that the nature of El's existence dictates that there will probably always be "weighty issues".

I am looking forward to read how you wrap this up, you've done a masterful job so far, but I'm a little despondent that I won't have this story to look forward to anymore; it's been a great respite form the trials of everyday life.

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.
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