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5/26/2018 c32 4mugglemom2
Another wonderful chapter. You’ve written the slow burn of whether or not Brenner is alive so well. Eagerly awaiting the next installment!
5/25/2018 c32 18darthstormer
All the way through, just a terrific chapter. I love the conversation between El and Will; they probably understand eachothet better than anyone else. I hope that is something they explore in S3.
Also, I love the scepticism of whether you can make a movie out of a game. They did it great with Clue, and then never quiet figured it out again.
5/23/2018 c31 tank03
Lots of undercurrents swimming around in this chapter. I had nearly forgotten about Max's slow-burning crisis; I understand Susan's justification, but I still think she's being a crap mom.

Given their past relationship failures I'm not surprised at the trepidation, however, both Hop and Joyce are older, wiser, and really, really, really need each other. Hoping it all works out.

Looking forward to seeing how things work out for El (and I really appreciate Mike's patient and steadfast support).

Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing.
5/17/2018 c31 5phieillydinyia
Awwww so many letters
So many feels Dx
5/16/2018 c31 my-secret-garden
Please don’t worry about the long breaks between updates, it doesn’t matter as long as you are alright! Now to this chapter: it’s perfect from beginning to end. Max letter, the boys talking, Susan s letter to Max, Joyce and Hopper, Hopper and his past. Freaking loved everything.
5/15/2018 c31 1candy95
That ending hit me in the feels lol. I feel awful for Max’s mother; her perspective of the situation is so skewed but you can just tell that she really loves Max and wants the best for her. Great update!
5/14/2018 c31 3Movie Riggs
Your writing for Joyce and Hopper is officially my favorite part of this story.
5/12/2018 c30 Amber611
AWESOME fic and job on it so far, I LOVE it! Can’t wait to read more!
4/30/2018 c30 tank03
It's a bit cute/funny that Hopper seems a bit jealous of Mike and his influence over El, though at this point he can't really have any complaints about Mike as his behavior on El's behalf has been consistently supportive and spot on.

Something seems to be brewing between Hopper and Joyce- I think that they both need someone like the other in their lives. Hopper needs Joyce's parental experience and calming influence and Joyce needs Hoppers' rationality and groundedness.

P.S. Will's messages were hilarious!
4/30/2018 c30 5phieillydinyia
Agh poor El and Mike XD all those rules
And I actually loved the Jopper here! which is unusual for me
4/22/2018 c30 unicornkeeper
Messages were so, so funny! I was surprised by the ending-it didn't seem like a romantic moment, but maybe that's the point. Looking forward to developments.
4/21/2018 c30 my-secret-garden
Gosh, the Hopper-Joyce part at the end was heartbreakingly beautiful! 3 I love your writing sooo much.
4/20/2018 c30 37EreshkigalGirl
Awww! Love overprotective Hopper, and that he gpes to Joyce for moral support. Really pulling for the adult romance in S3. I laughed at Will's phone messages, too.
4/20/2018 c30 14Section8grl
Repeat: OOOOHHHH! Jopper Kiss! Jopper Kiss!
4/20/2018 c29 Section8grl
OOOHHH! Jopper Kiss!
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