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5/29/2019 c5 amaia
Great story; thx.
1/24/2019 c5 Jen
Great story thank u
1/24/2019 c2 Jen
Loving this so far
11/11/2017 c5 7GinaDBrewer
Really good story! Loved it!
11/10/2017 c5 36JENTWCSINYFAN2
Very very nice. Well done my friend and I knew they would win. Great job and glad you were able to write a longer fic .
11/9/2017 c4 JENTWCSINYFAN2
Love it , very good job nicely done and can't wait to see if they do in fact get Tommy out of trouble .
11/9/2017 c3 Denise3130
Another great chapter...

Bull's explanation of why Diana's father has something against him is spot on!

Looking forward to reading more !
11/8/2017 c3 JENTWCSINYFAN2
Good job with this . I like it a lot . Well done again
11/8/2017 c2 7GinaDBrewer
Uh Oh Judge Lindsay's in the house! Looks like Jason has a battle on his hands!

Looking forward to more!
11/7/2017 c2 Denise3130
Uh oh... of course Diana's father got himself assigned to be the judge on this case after Diana promised Jason that wouldn't happen.

Can't wait to how all of this plays out!
11/7/2017 c2 36JENTWCSINYFAN2
Nice job again. I am really liking this one. Keep it up
11/7/2017 c1 7GinaDBrewer
Love this! More Biana or Dull however you want to look at lol
Glad that Jason is coming to help Diana out with this case!
Looking forward to more!
11/6/2017 c1 Denise3130
Nice start! Of course Bull is willing to fly to Texas as soon as Diana called him.

Poor Tommy...he's not getting a fair chance based on his past.

Hopefully Bull and Benny can help him !

Please update soon !
11/6/2017 c1 36JENTWCSINYFAN2
Wow good start so far. I am looking forward to seeing Jason and Judge Lindsay . Great job my friend

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