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12/3/2017 c26 44EKWTSM9
Well done - a great read! Bring on the next one!
12/2/2017 c26 JEM
Well all good things come to an end.
The question is and a possible sequal will the Vargos and others have friends on the outside and try and get payback!
Really excellent story from you loved every minute.
Wonder what the rest of you unpublished back catalogue you have hiding away, can't wait for your next one.
12/1/2017 c26 Helenem
Well I would say that last paragraph will lead you right into a sequel to this terrific story, hint, hint! Finally everything's been talked out and there is no more questioning about what went on while Steve was undercover and Jeannie no longer questions the depths of Steve's love for her. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!
12/1/2017 c26 1Sylvia Elaine
Great end to your story and I loved how Jeannie's idea for sleeping arrangements for Pilar and her hubby were suitably adjusted by Mike. After all she hasn't got a wedding ring on her finger yet! LOL. I do feel that you've left massive scope for a sequel set a few months or a couple of years later with maybe some reprisals. Hope you're giving that due consideration. Nudge, nudge! I'm so glad Pilar and Jeannie came to a mutual understanding of the events that took place whilst both Steve and Pilar were undercover. Jeannie has learnt valuable lessons too that she has to have faith in her future husband and she has to learn not to smother him but to allow him his freedom to make his own decisions...with due consideration for their relationship in the process of course. A thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable story. Hope there's another in the pipeline very soon. Thank you.
12/1/2017 c26 67honu59
Congratulations on finishing this story! It's good that Pilar and her husband visited the Stones so that there are no secrets and no loose ends. That way, everyone is comfortable. I hope that Jeannie will build some kind of life and career for herself apart from Steve. Love is important, but I'm sure that Steve will also support Jeannie's interests and choices. Isn't that why she's in college? Good story!
12/1/2017 c26 26Lynn's Stories
I'm glad Jeannie finally got some peace about Steve and Pilar. Nice wrap-up to an enjoyable ride. Steve Keller undercover in a motorcycle gang... great imagination!
12/1/2017 c26 14Tonyrobbertsen
All’s well ends well. Pilar’s personal talk with Steve and later was necessary to make Mike’s kids both feel relaxed concerning what had happened.
Lets hope their memories will be faded when they are released. However it seems that the most of them life for revenge.
12/1/2017 c25 Amanda England
I think that has to be one of the best stories I have ever read from you well done !
I look forward to more stories once you have had time to relax.
12/1/2017 c24 Amanda England
I think that Jeannine and Steve were right to tell each other what they had been thinking and maybe now they will be able to trust each other more and relax a bit in there relationship. I also think that now Mike has accepted it he and Steve may even beccome closer.
A excellent update well done.
11/30/2017 c25 Helenem
What a clever way to remove the danger for Steve, once he shaves and cuts his hair he will be pretty much unrecognizable to the Vagos. Thankfully Pilar gave one heck of a performance! Really well done!
11/30/2017 c25 1Sylvia Elaine
If the police and DEA are about to raid the Vagos gang it's a good job heat's been taken off Steve. Pilar did well to convince them of "Rick's" demise. Hopefully, in years to come, Steve never comes across any of them again as a cop and ends up being recognised.
11/30/2017 c25 14Tonyrobbertsen
Very important the idea of Pilar’s superiors to let her make that final phone call otherwise Steve’s life would again be at stake or even the life of the one he loves profoundly. And I am the first to hand Pilar her Oscar.
11/30/2017 c25 26Lynn's Stories
Pilar sure gave an academy award on the phone. Great timing since Jamie was ready to send out a scout. Nice execution, you made the idea work perfectly.
11/30/2017 c25 67honu59
Good idea indeed to give the Vagos the word that Rick didn't make it. After all, once Steve is cleanly shaven and his hair cut short, he will no longer resemble Rick at all. He should be safe. I hope that there are no lingering possibilities of retaliation.
11/30/2017 c24 honu59
I'm glad that Steve and Jeannie have put it all out on the table and the relationship is still whole. Life isn't easy and they will, no doubt, experience other challenges. The important thing is that they face those challenges as a team. Is there another chapter?
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