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1/7 c13 Tony Moonstone
Well that's that.
Yes I understand that this was written by someone else, though I'm sure if you wanted to you could possibly continue where the previous author left off.
I don't know if anybody looked into it bit the story is strangely like the story called,
V for Vendetta.
Either way this story was dark, sexy and 100% AWESOME.
I hope that you return and continue this work of Art.
Take care and me safe.
1/7 c10 Tony Moonstone
Wow, that was unexpected.
I thought in this chapter I was watching an episode of the TV show "Criminal Minds".
Who knew in such a small creature that he could do what he did.
3 chapters to go, wonder what will happen next?
Take care and be safe.
1/6 c8 Tony Moonstone
This is a very dark story, darker than other Zootopia stories of a similar nature that I've read.
I really hope that no other characters from the movie die, but if so I need to mentally prepare for it.
As always
Take care and be safe.
1/5 c5 Tony Moonstone
This perhaps was out of all the Zootopia Fanfiction I've ever read was the most
Kinkiest, Dirtiest and the most sexual chapter I've ever read.
And I've read plenty.
Wondert what happens next?
Take care and be safe.
1/4 c2 Tony Moonstone
Chivalry isn't dead in this world, neither in Zootopia.
Nick will always treat Judy right.
Take care and be safe.
1/4 c1 Tony Moonstone
This was written by another author and you kept it up after the original authors account vanished.
So far, thank you for doing this cause so far I'm drawn into the world this author created.
Onwards I read.
Take care and be safe!
3/16/2020 c1 Nina Arevalo
please up date this story soon. I really would appreciate it if you do some time soon. thanks
2/23/2020 c13 Nina Arevalo
reread your story again, please update. I would really appreciate it if you do. I really want to know what happens next.
2/2/2020 c7 nightmane
The first few chapters I quite enjoyed but with the introduction of Sr Wilde and the sex scenes, well the writing is different from how it started and not the best for me that is. Might come back to finish this who knows, it's still a decent story for most as I am a tad on the picky side and it doesnt help bein almost 2 years since the update.
2/1/2020 c3 nightmane
I have to point out, an aye-aye is 16 inches tall total, wolford is a wolf(Well over 4 ft tall) Im sure so Im wondering how big aye-ayes are in this world.
10/27/2019 c13 Nina Arevalo
I just read this story again and again I am wondering if you are planning on updating this story?
5/23/2019 c13 Guest
Just re-read this story and are wondering if you are ever coming back to finish it.
3/9/2019 c1 Guest


10/10/2018 c6 Guest
You're writing the dialogue far too verbose, it sounds completely unnatural and choppy.
6/27/2018 c13 1DrummerMax64
Definitely glad I gave chapter 12 a reread! You certainly gave it quite the overhaul, and now I can see why you did that. More robust than the previous version.

As for the shift in Job's behavior, that seemed like it happened when Nick called him by his real name. Don't have a definite answer for what that was all about, but maybe it has something to do with Job wanting to do away with his past self all together because of the immense pain he experienced in his twisted transformation from Jay to Job. Recalling that horrific experience would not be pleasant for him, that's for darn sure.

And for awhile now I've had the hunch that something bigger was going on behind the scenes rather than Job and his mission. My main query is if the Big Bad is someone we already know, and even worse, if it's someone we've trusted up to this point. Heck, it could be a wolf for all I know! Big Bad Wolf makes a whole lotta sense to me. XD

Anyways, great job on the rewrite and this new update, and looking forward to how the mystery will develop from here!
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