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for Star's Journey: The Reunion

1/4/2020 c1 3An Average Writer
"Blows dust off"

Y'know it really feels like an entire lifetime ago when I finished the entirely of the Deltora Quest and the Rowan of Rin series and I have to say, when I came to the Rowan of Rin section almost purely on a whim, the last thing I was actually expecting to find was an entire sequel series worth of writing.

I've only just skimmed a few of your stories so far but so far, what I've found has definitely caught my interest and judging by the entire five book sage you've got setup here, it seems to me that you definitely know where you want your story to go. What bits I've read so far really has helped kicked the nostalgia train into gear here. I still have all of books in my shelf and perhaps reading your story may make me go back and crack them open again as well.

Admittedly, since I not only have much more responsibilities and far less time now then when I was a child but I also already have a backlog of other works to get through first, I probably won't be able to be much of an active reviewer but I'll definitely be checking out more of your works when I find the time and if it feels like you're writing into an empty chamber, you can think of this as a friendly reminder that, as of today, you have managed to snare one more reader for this very niche fandom.
9/3/2018 c1 uicMF
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